Divas About Town: Columbia City Beatwalk

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When I first bought my home in Columbia City, I decided to check out the local scene and see what my new neighborhood had to offer. On a Friday night, some friends and I headed over to Island Soul for some Caribbean food (Island Soul became my favorite hood hangout from that night on). As we left the restaurant, we noticed masses of people wandering from storefront to storefront. Wondering what was going on, we followed the crowds and heard music coming out of a bookstore. As we continued on, we heard more music from another restaurant across the street.

This was how I learned about Columbia City Beatwalk. Beatwalk takes place on the first Friday of the month and “features a diverse line-up of first-rate, local musicians hosted by neighborhood businesses for audiences of all ages.” For $7, you gain entrance to all venues and can check out all the different bands. If you live in the south end, this is a great way to meet your neighbors. If not, come hear some great music and explore a new hood (with some of the best food in Seattle). Finish the night off with one of Lotties‘ homemade flavor infused vodkas (a favorite of Diva Dwellers, Scott & Dion).

Columbia City Beatwalk
When:  7-10pm on First Fridays (July 6, August 3, September 7)
Where: Columbia City – Seattle, WA




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