Diva Fall Tips: Winterizing Your Patio

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With all the bustle of preparing for the holidays, maybe the patio you enjoyed all summer isn’t at the top of your priority list, but don’t delay in getting it squared away. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…and you’ll thank yourself in the spring when you aren’t scrubbing mildew off an umbrella or tossing out moldy pillows.

Get those leaves cleaned up

You’d be surprised how many people neglect this step. Maybe it’s because a patio can feel like an extension of the ground level, but if it is on a second story like it is at Chez Diva, those leaves will clog your gutters. On the ground floor, they provide cover for critters who may be attracted to your cozy little home, so clearing away all that debris also keeps that buffer between your indoors and outdoors a little more secure. And if you have a fire pit that you plan to use on dry, crisp nights, leaves on the ground are a fire hazard. Don’t overlook the little things—but don’t stress about them either—and you’ll have have much happier, safer holidays.

Stow that hose

The hose is another easy thing to overlook. It can hide in plain sight, even if you have been using it to water your garden during the hotter months. You don’t want it freezing when the temperature drops, so get it off the spigot and try to drain it as much as possible if there is any water left in it from previous use. Remove any kinks in it and wind it into a coil before stowing it in your garage or some other place away from the most severe freezing air.

Stow your summer decor

Your umbrella may be made to take a pounding from rain and sun, but ice and prolonged dampness are another matter, especially when it is folded up. It’s a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew, so shake it off and get it out of the elements. That goes double for your outdoor cushions, which may not have colors or designs appropriate for the season anyways. Get those dry and indoors until the days get long and warm again, and you’ll be able to preserve them for many seasons to come.

That’s our Diva Fall Tip on winterizing your patio. If you need more advanced help with your patio winterization or some advice – don’t hesitate to contact the Divas. We may not be patio winterizing experts but we know folks who are and will happily pass on their information!

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