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Diva Dwellers Benjimen and Rob AKA Sylvia and The Italian - 2

Diva Dweller Spotlight | Sylvia O’Stayformore + the Italian

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Diva Dweller Spotlight | Sylvia O’Stayformore + the Italian

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1467308_10151846518957561_1627292012_nDivas love themselves some Benjimen/Sylvia and The Italian Rob. Not only are they some of the sweetest additions to the Diva Dweller family but they are simply FABULOUS — as my closets filled with Tupperware can attest. Benjimen/Sylvia and The Italian Rob were referred to us by the ever athletic wench of Drag and resident Principle Hostess of Divas Take the Hill DonnaTella Howe. Before this connection, Kim and I enjoyed some of the raunchiest cabaret shows ever at the Rebar with Diva Dweller Karl and the Saturgays. As soon as Benjimen/Sylvia, The Italian Rob, and the Divas had brunch to talk about their potential Diva Dwelling I knew this was going to be a special experience. We went through some shit-holes before finally finding their fabulous mid-century fixer in everyone’s favorite up-and-coming hood, Hillman City. I have even changed my route to the DivaHQ just to drive by their house and see which wig will be on the mannequin today.

Sylvia has been hosting Bacon Strip since I can remember at the Rebar and more recently at the Theatre Off Jackson. Sylvia is wrapping up Bacon Strip this Saturday, June 14th. The Divas will be there in force to not only support our Diva Dweller but SERIOUSLY enjoy the raunchiest show in Seattle. You can also catch Sylvia at our Divas Take the Hill this Thursday, June 12th.

Here is Benjimen/Sylvia + Rob The Italian’s Diva Dweller Story:

Name: Benjimen Blair and Rob Lani AKA Sylvia and The Italian
Hood: Hillman City — the Lil’Gay Hamlet in the South End!

  1. How did you meet the Divas? From Shows and Events. More personally from Queen’s Brunch when they came to one of my shows.
  2. What type of home did you purchase? Ranch
  3. What was your first “OMG” house moment? When Rob first sent me the pictures from the listing. Then when we went to the faux-open house and talked to the realtor that knew more of the family’s history in the house. During the search my OMG crazy house moment was the hot tub house with the cigar burns in the mantle. And Mrs. Look’s house is still a favorite. Untouched by time for the last 50 years including the in-counter blender system. 
  4. What is your greatest home extravagance? It’s only just begun but all the new appliances have been pretty darn sweet.
  5. What is in your junk drawer? Treasures too good to part with.
  6. Would you rather:
    • Mow lawn / Paint the fence: Mow the Lawn – with my front wheel drive Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower!
    • Untangle computer cords / Sort socks: Sort Socks from my new Maytag Front Loader Maxim Set
    • Test the smoke detectors / Fix squeaky doors: WD40 those squeaky doors
    • Plunge the toilet / Clean out the refrigerator: We never have to clean out our organized fridge thanks to Tupperware!
    • Clean the gutters / Take down holiday decorations: the Italian has to clean the gutters already and I’m looking forward to putting up our decorations for the Holiday. I have not had the opportunity to take them down.
  7. What is your favorite Hood hangout spot? Hudson’s in Georgetown
  8. What is your favorite local organization/non-profit? Senior Centers (where you can find Sylvia doing “gay” Bingo every darn Friday).
  9. What do you love the most about your house? Style, Size and the wonderful backyard. Perfect for our Stay-cations in the Backyard!
Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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