At Home With The Divas: How To Stay Fabulous In Quarantine

At Home With The Divas: How To Stay Fabulous In Quarantine

On Tuesday, we’ll be launching At Home With The Divas, a workshop series to help you live your best life in quarantine. Each class will be led by a different expert in three subjects: Skincare, Feng Shui and Astrology.

The At Home With The Divas series is designed for everyone feeling a little lost at home—confused by new roles, and needing new structures to care for themselves. We’ve lined up a terrific trio of experts to help you do just that. Each Tuesday evening over the next three weeks. Each hour-long class will be conducted virtually from 6 pm to 7 pm via Zoom. Registration is $25 for each class via Eventbrite.

We are going to start At Home With The Divas with a deep dive on skincare, led by Oliver Villafuerte. Our skin is our largest organ and helps us with so much. And between masks and sanitizers and other harsh environmental factors, it needs more loving care than ever.

Moving from our bodies we are going to step into our homes. How do we clear blocked energy during this time? Diane Easley helps you Feng Shui your own diva dwelling.

Once we have cleaned and cleared our bodies and our homes we are now prepared to fully utilize the Venus retrograde. Stephanie Gailing walks us through the astrological significance of this turbulent period.

At Home With the Divas: Meet The Experts

At Home With The Divas and Oliver Villafuerte

Oliver Villafuerte of Oliver Beauty

April 28: Good Skin Health During and After Quarantine

Oliver has been a good friend of the Divas for years now. Many friends and Diva Dwellers are regular clients of his. All of us miss our monthly facials at Oliver’s studio on Capitol Hill, but he can still help us baby our skin from afar.

Oliver will be teaching an easy-to-follow guide to crafting a skincare routine during and after quarantine. He will help you better understand what products are suited for your skin and when to use them for optimal benefits. At the end of the class, you will have a routine that you can use at home with what you have in your kitchen. Or easily purchase.

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At Home With The Divas and Diane EasleyAbundance Coach Diane Easley

May 5: Feng Shui During and After Quarantine

Diane is a dear friend of the Divas. Taking her Abundance Course in 2010 was the tipping point for the Divas to officially launch Team Diva and make other magic happen in their lives. We have been having long conversations with Diane about how so many people are tucked in at home. Some are purging closets, taking on new baking projects, making the garage a virtual classroom, or just freaking the Eff out and streaming a lot of shows.

Moving all of that energy in your home has an impact and Diane is here to help you move that energy with intention.

Diane will teach how making big and small changes in your home can bring about more of what you want in your own life. And if you do the work, you have the capacity to also change the world. Diane will be teaching a portion from her course “Feng Shui Bootcamp.”

Let’s be honest: We will all be spending more time at home in the months to come. How do we do make our home spaces more intentional in the process?

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At Home With The Divas and Astrologer Stephanie GailingAstrologer Stephanie Gailing

May 12: Reevaluating What We Value During the Venus Retrograde

Stephanie is more than a friend. She is also our personal astrologer. Over the years Stephanie has helped us map everything from the launch of our business. When to hire the Diva Desk Dude. And even the day we chose to get married on. Over the years we have hosted private astrology salons with a few friends and cohorts. For At Home With the Divas, Stephanie will help us better understand the upcoming Venus Retrograde and its impact on all of our homes.

Venus in Retrograde? What does that mean?

Stephanie will explain the upcoming Venus Retrograde (May 13 – June 25) period and what it may mean for us individually and collectively. It’s a time period in which you can gain a new appreciation for the relationships in which you are invested. Venus in Retrograde clarifies what you find to be rewarding and pleasurable. How you connect to and channel the feminine. And the ways you claim—or don’t claim—your unique wealth and value.

Stephanie will share practical perspectives to will help you to navigate this time with more awareness, new wellness strategies…and less stress. She will teach you how to tap into your dreams to distill insights, and you’ll learn why themes that arose in 2012 may re-emerge in your life.

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We hope you can join us for one or two or all three of our At Home With The Divas workshops. Check out the Facebook page for the event series for updates and stay tuned.

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