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5 Opportunities Offered by This Westwood West Seattle Home 

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5 Opportunities Offered by This Westwood West Seattle Home 

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This Westwood West Seattle home is ready to be re-envisioned with modern updates, restored to its original charm, made energy-efficient, and more. 

What are the 5 opportunities that this Westwood West Seattle home offers home buyers? There are many opportunities for sweat equity with this Westwood home. This classic mid-century home can be restored to its original charm, or it can be completely re-envisioned and modernized. You might consider making energy-efficient updates to cut down on energy costs as well. There’s also the potential to add an ADU or DADU (commonly known as a “mother-in-law” unit). Additionally, the community that this home is in is one of our favorite areas of Seattle, with many conveniences just down the street. 

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I’m Lindsy Russell-Mitchell with Team Diva at Coldwell Banker Bain, and today I’m sharing my latest listing in the Westwood area of West Seattle. This Diva Dwelling is absolutely *brimming* with possibilities. While you can move right in and enjoy living here from day one, I’ve got some great ideas about how to update this Westwood home to make it shine. Thanks for following along! 

There are also a couple of great resources on the Team Diva blog, including “Tips for Buying a Home in West Seattle” and “Tips on Buying a Mid-Century Home in Seattle.”

5 Opportunities Offered by This Westwood West Seattle Home 

This Diva Dwelling in Westwood is an excellent opportunity, especially for a first-time homebuyer. You’ll find many ways to create some sweat equity, and here are just a few of the opportunities you’ll find with this Westwood home:

1. Restore the home to its original mid-century charm.

Built in the late 1950s, this classic home still shows off authentic mid-century charm. Mid-century homes are wildly popular these days, and there is a wealth of knowledge out there about this era of home. Many homeowners with mid-century homes take pride in restoring their homes to their original glory, while making some improvements along the way. To indulge in a cliche, this home absolutely has good bones—hardwood floors, a brick fireplace, details like vintage hardware, and more are all in the mix. 

2. Re-envision and modernize the home.

While this mid-century home can totally be restored and you can fully embrace its mid-century roots, this home is versatile enough that you can completely modernize it and take its aesthetic in a whole new direction. In the future you might decide to make upgrades to systems, add another bathroom, or finish the bonus room in the garage. (I personally think the bonus room could make an amazing primary suite!) The spacious backyard is also ready for your imagination to get to work; create a haven of entertaining or a gardener’s paradise. And that’s only the beginning! The great part about this home is the fact that you can live in it while you take your time renovating and re-envisioning each space. 

3. Make energy-efficient updates. 

Whether you choose to modernize this home or embrace its original mid-century charm, there are tons of possibilities when it comes to making energy-efficient updates. You can keep your energy bills down AND have a smaller footprint on the earth. Add solar panels, install LED lighting, and add a heat pump and air conditioner. Although some of these additions do mean some cost upfront, in the long-term you can save money, and again, gain some sweat equity!

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4. Potential to add a DADU/ADU.

This particular home has so much potential to be developed in a multiple-unit property. The backyard is huge and it has alley access. Making it ideal for many developers or people who want to create additional space on their property. We asked our friend Ace the Architect to help us better understand the potential in this property. And this is what he had to say >

Do you own a lot with a lot of backyard that currently only has a single house on it? You might have the right kind of property that a savvy developer would be very interested in. There are a number of builders around looking for land to create more housing like ADUs and DADUs, and what they’re looking for in particular are larger single-house lots, typically over 6000 SF or more, with existing homes that only cover a smaller portion of the property, ideally 25% of the land or less. The quality of the house is less of an issue depending on the existing layout, so before investing a lot of time and energy in renovating before selling, definitely connect with an architect or developer to see if your property might be a good candidate.

We are also in a housing crunch, so if you have an interest in being your own developer, definitely find an architect to work with on a feasibility to see if a potential project will work out in your favor.

– Andrew “Ace” Grant Houston

For more information about how to go about this process contact Ace directly.

5. Live in a community with everything you need. 

Locol and Tap Station of Westwood Village
Locol and Tap Station of Westwood Village

One of this home’s big opportunities is its location in the Westwood neighborhood of West Seattle. You’re choosing an incredible community by living here, and it’s a community Team Diva cherishes. My teammates and I have helped many Diva Dwellers buy and sell in Westwood and throughout West Seattle, and it’s one of my favorite places to spend time. I love that this community is economically and culturally diverse, and offers a ton of resources. There’s water access just blocks away, the community center is literally a stroll down the street, and you’re just 2 blocks from shopping and conveniences at Westwood Village! 

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Thank You For Learning About the 5 Opportunities Offered by This Westwood West Seattle Home 

What are the 5 opportunities that this Westwood West Seattle home offers home buyers? You’ll find several opportunities for sweat equity! For starters, this classic mid-century home can be restored to its original charm, or you might decide to completely renovate and modernize it! There is also a ton of potential to make energy-efficient updates to cut down on energy costs in the long-term. You’ll also find the opportunity to add an ADU or DADU to this property, expanding your possibilities here even more. And finally, the Westwood community is one of our favorite areas of West Seattle, and there are many conveniences just down the street. 

More Details:

  • MLS: 2183771
  • Address: 8143 28th Ave SW, Seattle 98126
  • Neighborhood: West Seattle
  • Price: $595,000

Want to enjoy this West Seattle Home for Sale in all of its glory? 

We are here to help. Our team understands that this process can take a year or two. And we are more than willing to give you a personalized plan to get the ball rolling. Feel free to contact us directly at thediva@teamedivarealestate.com or call/text 206-271-0264.

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Alyssa Christensen

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