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Seattle Home Buyer Stories: Caitlin and Andrew (and Charlie)

Caitlin and Andrew knew they wouldn’t be buying right away when they first walked into Team Diva HQ, but they wanted to know about the home-buying process. I sat down and gave them an hour-long crash course on what it takes to be home buyers. They took time to prepare and plan, and over a […]

Seattle Home Buyer Stories: Shannon and Leo

It’s not uncommon in the Seattle real estate market for first-time home buyers to try out the home-buying process, then take time off to better prepare. There is so much to learn about home buying, so it isn’t wasted time, even if the need to wait can be discouraging. It is especially tricky if you […]

Seattle Home Buyer Stories: Tamar and Jacqui

Diva Dwellers Tamar and Jacqui in their home

“Finding this house was quite a story,” says Jacqui. When she first saw it on Redfin, it looked…well. “Pretty hideous,” in her words. A Tale of Two Gals and One Grand Remodel Tamar and Jacqui’s Seattle home buyer story started many months before they bought, with a tale of two gals in love and two […]

Seattle Home Buyer Stories: Zach and Andy

“We sort of got forced into starting the home journey,” Andy says. And as first-time home buyers in Seattle’s competitive market, they knew it would be stressful. The Divas and I had known Zach and Andy for a long time, and we were thrilled when they came to us to help them on that Seattle […]

Seattle Home Buyer Stories: Jackie and Mike

Jackie and Mike have dubbed their 10-acre homestead in Monroe Ponderosa. They were able to work up to owning this property by investing wisely over the years, but the impetus to move out there came from something really scary. Jackie was diagnosed with and breast cancer. The reevaluation that followed made her and Mike wonder, […]

Seattle Home Buyer Stories: Holly and Dave

We have know Holly and Dave for over almost 7 years and in that time they have long since stopped being clients and have become friends. We have helped them buy and sell seven homes from Leschi to Queen Anne and from Seattle to Ellensburg. And this last one may just be their “forever” view […]