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Divas Announce | Mid-Century Rambler in Skyway

Now Here are “The Top Five Reasons” You Need to Run to this Mid-Century Rambler in Skyway: Reason 1: Classic Mid-Century Design As you pull up to this mid-century Skyway home, you’ll see it isn’t alone in its design style. Set in a neighborhood of like-styled homes, each with their own personality atop the gently […]

How to Win in Seattle’s Hot Market – Spring 2017 Update

Congrats to Jim and Janine. They just won and closed on an amazing house in Seattle. How did they do it? First, they were awesome, loved donuts, had a cute kiddo, overcame some intense inspection hurdles, and went for the gold when the time came. As a result, they won a home below their price […]

Just Listed Just Sold | Haller Lake Hideaway

Just Listed Just Sold | Haller Lake Mid-Century Hideaway   This home was a “Just Listed and Just Sold” Diva Dwelling for the yearbooks. We sold this home for $126K over asking. Why you ask? Fix what’s broke, make it beautiful, and market the heck out of the home – aka the #DivaDifference. In 2015, Chavi found this […]

The Resistance is Strong in Divaland

Thank you to everyone who came and was part of our massive postcards to congress letter writing campaign. We had a photo booth, postcards, cocktails, and general awesomeness. We wrote a ton of postcards to our representatives in D.C. and of course lots of nasty women stuff to Trump.     Want to Get In […]