Yelp 5-Star Review…By Diva Dweller Lisa!

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My husband Michael and I were first time home buyers and looking for a Realtor.  He was looking on Yelp and saw that Team Diva Real Estate had very good ratings, and I won’t lie, the name kinda grabbed our attention.  We were looking for a place in Capitol Hill and Kim knows this place like the back of her hand! She also seemed to know what we liked very quickly.  There was a couple times where we said we saw a place online and wanted to check it out.  She didn’t try and talk us out of it, but she seemed to be hesitating though we insisted.  She was dead on! On those two occasions we walked right in and out and said “We should’ve trusted your instincts!”  We weren’t able to afford much, especially for Capitol Hill for the size we were looking for.  But Kim was able to negotiate an unbelievable price for us.  Plus she was there anytime I had a question weather it was  by email, phone, or a text.  I would not go with anyone else again!