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Tips From Team Diva on Buying a House in Seattle in 2024

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Tips From Team Diva on Buying a House in Seattle in 2024

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Are you curious about buying a house in Seattle in 2024? Well you have landed in the right place. Our team has been helping people on their home buyer move for over 25 years and have seen every market. And this year’s market is trickier than most. 

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Make sure to read the blog below about the nuances of how to win in this market. But before you go any further you need to educate yourself about the home buying process. The smartest Diva Dwellers are the ones who do a deep dive into each step it takes to buy a home in Seattle this year. 

Tips From Team Diva on Buying a House in Seattle in 2024

Kim Colaprete’s Advice for Buying a House in Seattle in 2024

Our very own original Diva has been helping Seattle home buyers for over 25 years. This year is going to be her 25th year. She has seen the dot.com bust, the 9/11 freeze, the Great Recession, the crazy multiple offer markets, and now this low inventory and high interest rate market. 

Advice From our 25 Year Real Estate Veteran Kim V. Colaprete

“I may not have a crystal ball but my gut tells me 2024 could be a bit wild! I mean, it is an election year y’all! So if you are afraid of extreme roller coasters, like Germany’s famous Sky Scream, you may want to sit this one out. That said, I truly believe if it’s the right time for YOU to buy a home then strap in and enjoy the ride. Be committed, confident, and adventurous. Once you let go of your fear the reward will be worth it.” – Kim Colaprete

Roy Powell’s Advice for Buying a House in Seattle in 2024

Did you know that this year is Roy’s 10th year in real estate? Roy was actually unofficially with us during the Great Recession and finally got his license in 2014. He has been in the thick of it helping his friends and clients navigate the way up ups of the last boom markets. And last year he made a quick pivot to figuring out solutions for his buyers in this high-interest rate market.

Advice from our 10 Year Real Estate Veteran Roy Powell

“Don’t let inventory (high or low) deter you. Let’s discuss what you really want, what you can afford, and where you want to live. From there we can make a plan for how to buy your new home. Practice patience and trust your gut. The right house for you is out there.” – Roy Powell

Lindsy Russell-Mitchell’s Advice for Buying a House in Seattle in 2024

Our Lindsy was one of the few brokers in our office to help more buyers in 2023 than 2022. And the reason why is she knew this was going to be an awesome market for buyers who had previously been locked out of the market. LIndsy has been hosting a quarterly first time homebuyer class that helps people with a down payment assistance grant. 

Advice From Our First Time Home Buyer Professional Lindsy

“Make sure you interview and hire an agent to help you navigate this tricky market and never skip the inspection!” – Lindsy Russell-Mitchell

Donna Burns’s Advice for Buying a House in Seattle in 2024

Our Donna has also increased the number of buyers she worked with in 2023 than 2022. She also spent a lot of time partnering with Kim on Kim’s Buy-Up clients. A buy-up is when you have a house to sell but need to buy another house. It is a whole machination to make this work. Donna’s big heart and ability to be so supportive of her clients helped so many Diva Dwellers last year.

Advice From Our Big Hearted Donna

“While things may not be back to ‘normal’, Seattle is still a hot market! We generally have low inventory for standalone homes so if you want to compete, you have to be ready. Have your finances in order (be pre-approved), make sure you are well informed about the areas you want to look at, and have your list of wants/needs/dealbreakers ready. Remember, you’re likely not going to find your 100% home, so be clear on where you are willing to be flexible!” – Donna Burns 

Hannah Wilson-Hillard’s Advice for Buying a House in Seattle in 2024

Last year Hannah hit a new stride in her real estate career and truly understood how to help her clients overcome this weird market. She worked specifically with lenders to help her clients get special interest rates so they could better afford to buy a home in today’s market. Knowing that the market in a year or two would be more stable. And it worked!!!!

Advice From Our Savvy Market Navigator Hannah

“Be ready for increased competition as interest rates go down. As we start to see interest rates begin to fall in the beginning of the year, it is more important than ever to be prepared. Buyers will need to have pre-approvals done, and money liquid for earnest money deposits and downpayment. That way if they see a home they like, they are ready to act fast. If you aren’t ready to act quickly you could miss out!” – Hannah Wilson-Hillard

Thank You For Learning Our Tips From Team Diva on Buying a House in Seattle in 2024

Are you curious about buying a house in Seattle in 2024? If you are, then we’re glad you took some time to check out all of this excellent advice from our Team Diva team members. Our team has been helping people buy homes in Seattle for over 25 years, and we’ve seen every market. This year’s market is trickier than most, so it’s especially important that you take the time to learn about buying a home. 

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