The Diva HQ has Moved to SODO

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The Diva HQ has Moved to SODO



Diva Kim taking her place in the captain’s chair

We loved our little loft above Retail Therapy. But it was time for us to move. All five us sharing one table was getting snuggly. None of us had a quiet spot to meet with our Diva Dwellers. The time had come to find a cool new space in the core of Seattle.

Luckily, Roy and Kim found an amazing old 1905 industrial building in SODO across from the Starbucks HQ. As soon as we walked into the space, and saw the paint splattered walls and exposed insulation ceilings, we were in love. Later we found out that the same family has owned the building since 1925. During their tenure, they have rented the space to cool artists, political groups, the sewing ladies downstairs, and now the Divas and Diva Dudes. Let’s just say they are our type of people!

Over the last couple of weeks, Roy’s crew of artists came in and made our new space awesome. Michael Alm worked to create a custom built wall and a cool barn door slider for our new conference room. Josh designed custom lights for the space.

What has changed?

Not much. Same Divas. Same Diva Dudes. Same Passion for our Diva Dwellers. Still with our beloved Lake Union office at Coldwell Banker Bain. Only thing that has changed is now the Diva HQ is the StarshipDiva (insert nerd joke).

New Address: 111 S Lander Street #305, Seattle, WA 98134

Come by and say hi. Look for the bright pink door on he top floor.

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