Thank You for Your Service, Dorcas!

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Thank you for spending the last year with our team Dorcas. We all wish you the very best and hope you have some fantastic adventures ahead.

With a heavy heart, we are wishing our Diva Gal Dorcas a bon voyage. Dorcas was with our team for almost a year. Throughout that year she contributed to helping us streamline our listing process. She was also loved by many of our Diva Dwellers during their home buying search process. Unfortunately, life had other plans for Dorcas. She needed to return to the Muggle world in order to have more time for family obligations. Dorcas will be missed and we know wherever she lands her new team will be lucky to have her.

Below are a few of our favorite moments we shared together:

Michael is going to miss the morning conversations.

Roy is going to miss going to Pecos Pit together.

Rocky is going to miss having lunches together on Alki.

Kim is going to miss doing fun listing videos together.

Chavi is going to miss Dorcas’ perkiness and willingness to give it her all.

Our very favorite moment was seeing Dorcas and Shawna get married.

Thank You!

Thank you so much, Dorcas for giving Team Diva your very best. You have a treasured spirit that will be missed. Any team with Dorcas is a good team to be on. We wish you well!

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