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Team Diva Sells More Listings in 2015

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Team Diva Sells More Listings in 2015

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Team Diva Sells More Listings in 2015 

Bold statement above but let’s be honest: Team Diva kicked ass this year when it came to selling homes here in Seattle. Let’s back up a bit. Seattle is still in the midst of a 25-year low in inventory. Meaning: The top listing agents in the region are listing fewer homes than they did in 2014 or 2013. There really is nothing to sell in Seattle!

While others are listing fewer homes we are increasing the number of our sold homes by 22%

No small feat. It takes a team. And it takes Team Diva!

Why Did Team Diva Increase Their Sold Homes When Others Real Estate Professionals Struggled?
Team Diva has always been primarily a buyers-team first. Our Diva Dwelling Listings were typically about 30% of our business. We still sold our Diva Dwelling way above the market average because of our #DivaDifference. However, late in 2014, we started to see fewer and fewer homes coming available for our beloved Diva Dweller buyers. At the same time, many of our first time home buyers were having babies, getting engaged, and ready to Buy Up in this market. We decided that we needed to shift gears and create more opportunities for those in existing homes find their next home. And more importantly, help many of our sellers who have been underwater through the recession to finally sell their condos and townhouses.

Our Diva Dwellers Saw Higher Prices for Their Homes than Their Neighbors: On average we sold homes for 7% above asking. While the city average was close to 2%.

Diva Average Seattle Average
Condos 103.6% List to Sale Price  100% List to Sale Price
Townhouses 105.52% List to Sale Price (no data in Trendgraphix)
Houses  110% List to Sale Price 102% List to Sale Price

*Seattle pricing from Trendgraphix. No way to select Townhouses as a sub-property type in Tendgraphix.

What is the Diva Difference?
Read any of our Just Listed, Just Sold #DivaDifference Blogs and you have a good picture that we develop an extensive and effective marketing plan for all of our Diva Dwellings. At the same time, we do a ton of work behind the scenes to make sure the home is ready for the market day one. Not day six. Or AFTER a failed inspection. And more importantly, we fight like hell to make sure the home closes once the home is under contract.

Screenshot 2016-01-13 13.27.50

  1. Fix What’s Broken: Remove any reason why a buyer might hesitate to make an offer. Fix the big and little things. We have a whole team of contractors, painters, plumbers, etc. who will come and make the home market-ready. And we have a coordinator on the team dedicated to project managing everyone involved in the preparation for the sale of your Diva Dwelling.
  2. Make The Home Look Pretty: Yellow is your favorite color. Unfortunately, yellow does not come through on photos and in the video in a way that appeals to a good portion of buyers. Luckily for us we work with one of the top stagers in the city who knows how to make homes sparkle. Still living in the home? No problem. We have a team member who specifically focuses on how to de-clutter and re-stage a home to make it Diva Pretty.
  3. Market the Heck Out of the Home: Yes – you can sell a house in this market by taking photos with your smartphone and putting a For Sale sign up in the front yard. But let’s be honest with ourselves. Why do the bare minimum to sell your home when you get the full diva Marketing strategy. Trust me – Team Diva does more to sell your home than anyone else in the market! 

Guess what happens when Seattleites go with the team that sells more listings? More money in their pockets to Move on Up to the next fabulous Diva Dwelling!

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Time for you to Move On Up and sell your Diva Dwelling? Seattleites weathered the recession better than most areas. We have combined more equity than the majority of the major metropolitan areas in the nation. You are a smart cookie. You get what we are talking about. Why wouldn’t you sell when the market is getting ready to experience another peak?

Download our Pre-Listing packet by clicking the “Time to Move” button below to get your big move started!

Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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