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One Last Reminder to Vote This Week!

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One Last Reminder to Vote This Week!

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Voter turnout during primaries is always embarrassingly low. Divaland knows it makes a BIG difference, though. That’s especially true this year, with so many candidates vying for a coveted spot on the final ballot.

Our national politics are a disaster right now. It’s more evident every day that Americans have to take more responsibility at the local level if we are to have any sane leadership at all. As everyone in Divaland knows, the city council and mayoral races are PACKED this time. Out of the dozens of candidates, only two in each race will advance. The margins between candidates are expected to be slim.

50 Votes Could Mean the Difference Between A Winner and A Loser

Listen up hipster, artist, tech bro, NIMBY, disenfranchised voter, unengaged urbanite, I’m to busy to vote, I’m waiting for someone to make it to the top, or whatever your circumstance. Your vote now WILL have a huge impact on the direction of the city.

We Did the Research So You Don’t Have To

We reached out to many campaigns with questions regarding policy and vision for the challenges we face in Seattle. We heard from five of them, and this has helped members of Team Diva make their decisions. If you haven’t checked out these Q&A’s, we’ll link them here in the order they were received:

Team and Friends Are Voting For…..

Yes you can still be best friends with people and vote slightly different from each other. It is ok. In fact the Divas are voting for different people in their household. And one of our team members is still undecided. Not an issue. But let’s just say we are all voting for the ladies.

Who are you voting for Diva/Diva Dude?

Michael – Love at first sight with Cary Moon #TeamCary

Chavi – Jessyn Farrell is my gal #TeamJessyn

Rocky – All in for Nikkita Oliver #TeamNikkita

Trenton – Between Cary Moon and Nikkita Oliver #TeamArtWorld

Kim – Leaning Jessyn Farrell but in love with Cary Moon #Team4TheLadies

Roy – 100% UNDECIDED / #TeamRoy #TypicalPisces

Now Let’s Get Those Ballots In!

We have the ease of voting by mail in Seattle, so obviously we recommend just sending it in. Ballots must be postmarked by Election Day, Tuesday, August 1st. Slap a first class stamp on, drop it in the mailbox and your done.

Alternatively, if you are near a ballot drop box, you can go that route, no stamp required. This helps if you can’t get to mailbox in time. You have until 8 PM on election day to drop your ballot off. Check out a list of ballot drop boxes around town.

If you or someone you know needs further assistance, there are also King County accessible voting centers (AVCs).

You Didn’t Lose Your Ballot, Did You?

It doesn’t mean you can’t vote if your ballot disappeared or the dog ate it. You can print out ballots and official envelope packets (some assembly required). Just see the official site for those files. You’ll need to verify your identity, but the process is relatively easy…and faster than driving to a voting center, checking in, and standing in line during the heat wave this week!

Want To Be Sure Your Ballot Was Counted?

You can also go online to track your ballot and make sure that it was received and tallied. Voter suppression of minorities HAPPENS in our Blue state.  Specifically, in communities where English is a second language. Last year the state had an incorrect translation of the voters guide in Spanish. Double check that your ballot was counted. Keep the tab. Check on your ballot. Make sure you, your neighbor, your lover, and your best friend’s ballot is counted!

Thanks for doing your part, Divaland! We won’t see you at the polls, but we will toast you with some rosé by the air conditioner (or the five fans you have setup in your house right now). Cheers!



Team Diva

Team Diva

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