In Honor of A Diva Birthday!

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Divas Take The Hill-054Tomorrow is the day my wife, business partner, and best pal ever, Chavi M. Hohm, turns the big 4-0. Now, I have known Chavi a pretty long time and dare I say, my Mrs. has been 40 on the inside way before she turned 40 on the outside. While other 24-year olds were partying it up and blowing their hard earned dollars on booze and blow, my gal was buying a house, working her way up the ladder at WaMu, and creating an awesome home life with me, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 bunnies. Mature beyond her years has always been my gal’s MO.

The #1 question folks always ask Chavi when they meet her is, “where did you get such an unusual name?” The answer: raised by Californian/Oregonian hippy parents. The name “Chavi” is the odd combination of her parents names melded together. Odd as it might be, over the years I’ve discovered that there’s more to the name “Chavi” than meets the eye.

When folks meet my gal, they can’t help but notice that she is  the queen of Charisma. You will never be in a room with her and NOT notice she is around. She bubbles over with personality and her laugh is infectious — even if you don’t have any idea what she is laughing about. But it doesn’t matter because eventually you will probably figure it out, but just enjoy the ride either way. This means there is never a dull moment at the DivaHQ and her positive energy keeps the team up even during those tough times or extra long Multiple Offer Mondays (otherwise known as #MOM).

Oh, and why do we have more #MOM than maybe your average team? Because Chavi is a gal with major “Genuine Hustle.” No one, and I mean no one, hustles like my wife. This month she closed 5 deals; spent a week in San Francisco that was part fun, part at the Inman Connect Conference; threw a 4th of July extravaganza party; and still found time to pound out more blogs than I can count! Chavi loves getting it done, working it like a Diva, making magic happen, etc. She is one driven gal.

So where does she get this drive? Well, I think it stems from her innately Ambitious personality. Now, when I say Chavi is ambitious, I don’t mean it in a “squash you down and use you for a stepping stone” kind of way. Ms. Chavi has pulled herself up by her own Hue tights every step of the way and she has never let her lack of – whatever – hold her back. Her ambition keeps her always pushing herself to be better at home, at work, and in life in general. But with this, she is always there pushing others around her to be better as well. She’s a “hold my hand and we will all climb to the to top together” kind of gal. A leader in the best sense of the word.

Another great leadership trait of Chavi’s is her Vision. She has been a huge force in growing Team Diva into the team we are today. Taurus-y as I can be, the Pisces in me takes over once in a while. Having Chavi join the biz has been the best decision that either of us could have ever made. She has been able to keep us focused on the vision in spite of the distractions that come at us everyday. And yes, we do have a team astrologer thanks to Chavi. Even visionaries need guidance once in a while.

And last but not least, one of my favorite things about my gal Chavi is that she is often Irreverent. And this is a good thing in my world. Her irreverence is what moves her to challenge and question why things are the way they are. In this business it is beyond important to not just take everything as it is and to be thinking outside the norms. And Chavi not only thinks outside the box, she shreds the box and uses it for confetti!

So thank you Chavi! For being the Charismatic, Hustling, Ambitious, Visionary gal that you are – and always with a dash of Irreverence. I love you, the Team loves you, your Framily loves you and your Diva Dwellers love you. Here’s to another 40 fabulous years!

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