February Diva Delights | Green Roofs

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Every week in February, we will be showcasing some of Team Diva’s favorite things to drool over when we look for potential inspirations for our own home or our Diva Dwellers. Although we pride ourselves on being true design dorks, there are always those little things that we like to geek out over more than others. This week we will be looking at luscious green roofs that make for both an energy-efficient and attractive home.

Exhibit #1: Check out this beautiful home in Magnolia, by Spore Design. This specimen is the perfect example green roof maximization. Not only does this roof add beauty to the design of the house, but it acts as a natural insulator, decreasing the need for artificial heating and/or cooling. We love the designer’s decision to also add in a little patio, creating a rooftop hangout spot for entertaining in the (drier) summer months.

Exhibit #2: This lakeside beauty is another perfect example of green roof design, by McClellan Architects.  Once again, the green roof is not only practical, but it also adds a little “psuedo-garden” area to hang out in and take in the lakeside sunset.
Exhibit #3: Green sheds are perfect first projects because they are easy ways to create energy-efficiency, while adding a little pizzazz to a garden or backyard area. This little cutie in Magnolia by Nolan Landscape Design would easy to replicate, while personalizing it with whatever colors compliment your own yard or personal taste.
Interested in creating your own version of a green roof? Check out the DIY model!

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