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This week we will be looking at kitchen inspirations. We Divas are foodies at heart, but as much as we love eating, we love cooking for others and entertaining more. But just because we like to make a mess in the kitchen sometimes, doesn’t mean that we don’t want one that is beautiful to look at (when clean, that is). A well-designed kitchen is a happy kitchen in our book. Check out some of our favorites!

Exhibit #1: This kitchen by FINNE Architects is probably one of the most beautiful designs we have ever seen. Installed in a Lake Forest Park renovation, this updated 50s Northwest Contemporary house is now cozier, more open, and a touch more modern than ever. While the open floors and high ceilings make the space seem large enough for entertaining lots of guests (a Diva favorite activity), the wood finishes keep the large space warm and home-y.

Exhibit #2: This kitchen in Lake Washington by Warmington & North is created with an offset design that creates plenty of space for moving around and mingling with guests. With plenty of counter space spread throughout the kitchen, you can easily have a spread of hors d’oeuvres set out on one, while preparing the next course on a different space. The diagonal positioning of the stovetop counter makes cooking even more enjoyable, offering up picturesque views of the lake.
Exhibit #3: For those of you who like to live the vertical lifestyle on the city skyline, this kitchen in Belltown by Warmington & North is pure perfection. Even in a small are where space for cooking is space is limited, the extended bar makes it an area where you can interact with guests, all while keeping them out of the way. Once dinner is finished, you easily move food from the bar to the end for a more classic dinner table feel. 

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