Divas Take America: The Rockin’ Red Flair of Kara Sutra

Formerly of Denver, CO, Kara Sutra whirled into Seattle three years ago to advance her career in hair, makeup, and performance. You can catch her in Seattle and neighboring towns (and on Instagram at @kara.sutra), but most importantly, you can see her slay the crowds at Divas Take America this month!

In advance of our big drag carnival, we asked the queens some varied, pressing questions about topping sausages, lighting fireworks, and catastrophic injuries (as long as we still have the ACA). What does Kara Sutra have to say about all of this and more?

1. What are your ideal hotdog toppings?

I think Seattle nailed the sausage on the head with cream cheese and grilled onions. However, I do have an affinity for just jalapeños and salsa on my wiener.

2. Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz are on a sinking ship and you can only save one. What kind of cocktail do you make to go with your popcorn?

I’d be making piña coladas with a DRAG sized blender to drown out the nonsense

3. What were your favorite jams in high school?

I discovered punk rock in high school. I loved the stylings of Blink 182, ska music and more. I was the lead singer of a punk band called “The Revival Method” my sophomore year, until a 2-night long band party broke out into a brawl. That was the last of the punk band.

4. Have you ever known someone injured by fireworks?

One year my neighbor decided to get the”big one”. He lit if off during our neighborhood fireworks display, but it malfunctioned and shot flaming balls in every direction. One unlucky bystander had a burning piece of firework shoot down the back of her shirt and she caught fire. She was more startled than seriously injured, but we stood back, like waaaaaay back the next time that neighbor decided to light a big firework.

5. What was your scariest hospital experience?

Scariest hospital experience was when I was admitted for a random syncope incident that caused me to collapse, face first, into a piece of solid wood furniture. I shattered the right side of my face, bent my front tooth, bit through my lip and got a concussion before landing in a box of decorative seashells. I spent a lot of time in pain laying in a hospital bed not knowing if I would have to have facial reconstructive surgery. I was very lucky that the blow didn’t misplace any of the fragments of my face, but I waited 5 days before my tooth was put back in place. It’s one position Kara Sutra never hopes to find herself in again.

Check out Kara Sutra at Divas Take America, Team Diva’s drag carnival to fund the resistance, July 16 at the Centilia Cultural Center. Get tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets.

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