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Divas and Friends Pose at GenBlue NYC

Divas Guide To GenBlue Hollywood

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Divas Guide To GenBlue Hollywood

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GenBlue - NYC
GenBlue – NYC

The Divas have been getting a ton of questions for GenBlue Hollywood and we thought we would develop a little guide. In early August we were in Studio City (Los Angeles) for a wedding and were able to do some scouting for our up and coming GenBlue Hollywood experience. But first let’s get some details out of the way.

Myth Busters – I have been hearing rumors about people staying in Downtown LA and just getting a taxi for the main events. The Divas are here to tell you that you will end up spending more time exploring the freeways of LA than enjoying your GenBlue peeps. Let’s chat about LA.

  • Los Angeles is a HUGE city – The location of main events are on the northside of the the county and closer to Studio City then Malibu. Take a look at the map of the events and plan accordingly.
  • “Nobody Walks in LA” –  Let’s just say Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons had it right when she sang those lyrics. Get a car, make a friend with a car or find a really awesome Uber driver. It wakes forever to walk anywhere in LA. Normally we can power walk 2 miles in 20 minutes. But  takes close to 15 minutes just to cross the street in this town. LA is built for cars and not for people. Get a car!

Divas Guide to GenBlue Hollywood: Want to know how to manage the onslaught of education goodness, socializing with power real estate agents across the country, and still sneak in brunch with a friend who is not in real estate? Here is a guide for you to take #GenBlue like a Diva!

  • Step 1: Pre plan who you want to meet before you arrive. The Divas go to a lot of real estate conferences and hands down the folks at GenBlue Hollywood  are the nicest and super approachable peeps around. Treat some of the super stars of #GenBlue to a latte, craft beer, or a cocktail. Twitter is great to pre-connect with these people before you you takeoff for your trip. Here is our Pinterst guide to help you out!
  • Step 2: Pack Like a Diva – Yes we pack a carryon for all of our travel. What you say you can’t possibly pack for a four day trip without bringing everything you own? Well you can and you will look amazing. I’m obsessed will packing cubes right now. You can fit a lot of goodness in a packing cube. The other hint is to pack comfortable shoes. Many a Diva was splayed out on a hotel floor because of bad shoes. The Divas are test driving a few outfits and nail color combinations in coming days. Advice for Diva Dudes per David Marine “A Diva Dude should look fresh like the Prince of Bel Air yet dress as classic as a Hitchcock film. Rolled up sleeves and designer socks are welcomed accents. Bonus points to those who can pull off a pocket watch while toting an iPhone.” Here is our sassy Evernote packing list and a few inspirational photos from our last #GenBlue trip. 
  • Step 3: Where to Stay – Yes we are in Hollywood but Los Angeles is a huge place. Stay as close to Universal Studios as possible. The Diva Dudes are staying at the Sportsman Lodge. It is a rad mid-century motel that has a DJ on Sunday. We just might sneak over to hangout at their pool.
  • Step 4: Go out and try something new. We were there earlier this summer and were able to scout out some fab spots. Experiment a little and try one of the places we found. Here is our list on Yelp!
  • Step 5: Plan Out Your Sessions – take a three pronged approached Stretch, Inspire, & Enjoy – go to a session where you do not know a lot about (your stretch), go to something that will inspire you, and go to something that you enjoy. Regardless of what you do make sure you catch Kim and I speaking on a few of the panels! Here is the full list for you to review.
  • Step 6: Sleep – Who Needs Sleep – Our typical schedule is awake and dressed by 7:00. Coffee and a healthy protein breakfast at Starbucks and we hit the road by 8:00. Sessions in the morning. Pre-plan a lunch at a place we have ALREADY made a reservation for 10 people. Back to the sessions. Go back to the hotel to work. Hit the #GenBlue social events, then a pre-planned dinner with a reservation for 10-15 people. Finally finish the evening  off with a craft cocktail someplace unexpected. Repeat!
  • Step 7: Keep it classy! Yes – we realtors like our booze. And yes I am known for speaking my mind and going out a lot. But I can promise you will never find an unclassy photo of me on the interwebs. You can always go to Cancun to get your freak on.
  • Step 8: Get the Waze App. Waze is the gamification of traffic. It will guide you through the streets of LA and make you love where you are going. https://www.waze.com/
  • Step 9: Get out of your pack and meet some new folks. See who else is tweeting and give them a re-tweet. Some of our favorite people we’ve met at these events are like minded twitter folks. We make a point to chit chat after a session and let them know that we really liked their point of view. Then we invite them to join us for lunch, dinner or drinks. The NEW friendships we have built over the years have nourished the Diva vision and helped us all hone our skills, think in new ways and overall become even more awesome in serving our Diva Dwellers. Many a conference goer hangs out at these conferences and NEVER leaves the peeps they came with.
  • Step 10: Just have fun!

Enjoy #GenBlue – you can follow the Divas and the Diva Dudes on twitter at the following:

Kim – @SeattleDivas

Chavi – @ChaviH

Rocky – @Rocflo78

Roy – @Rent_Guru

Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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