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Divas Announce | Carbon 56 in South Lake Union

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Divas Announce | Carbon 56 in South Lake Union

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Divas Announce | Carbon 56! The Science of Smart Urban Living.
Clean Design + Central Location + City Views = Carbon 56.

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Top Five Reasons You Need to Run to Carbon 56:

The Science of city living these days includes being able to live, work, and play in the same neighborhood. As a Diva I would also include style. Frankly you can live anywhere in South Lake Union, Downtown, and Belltown and be striking distance to the SLU work center. But your options are pretty plane Jane. You have your luxury high rises. Or you have your cheaply made new construction apartments popping up everywhere. Personally we think Carbon 56 is the one of the few buildings that was intentionally designed to be an open Loft concept with a wall of windows facing the city. The science of city living is Carbon 56!

Reason 1: Location – Located in heart of South Lake Union and on the downhill slope of Capitol HillCarbon 56 is prime for work and play.

Reason 2: The Style – Have you seen the wall of windows? Or the soaring two story windows? Or the open floor plan. Seriously you cannot find a better located for this super stylish home in the heart of South Lake Union.

Reason 3: The View– Love watching the sun set from this home. At night you can see all of the Downtown high rises illuminated against the skyline. Yum!

Reason 4: The HOA– The building is VERY well managed. Despite some tough times this building has done everything possible to regain its value after the recession, build their reserves over $300,000, and keep the style of this building going.

Reason 5: The Commute – Did we tell you can walk to Downtown or the South Lake Union hub from Carbon 56? Or you are a quick jaunt to the Light Rail and transit to the Eastside.

And now some photos to reiterate why we think this is one of the most interesting projects in the area.













The Critical Nuggets About This Home:



Kim Colaprete

Kim Colaprete

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