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West Seattle is for Diva Dwellers

First time Diva Dwellers often ask us what we think about West Seattle. This is like asking what we think about Brooklyn. It is way more like a borough than a neighborhood. It has crazy cute beach houses, expensive view homes and affordable view homes, modern townhouses and swanky waterfront condos and a level of cultural diversity that could rival any New York borough. Originally, West Seattle was a pure working class fishermen’s community intermixed with summer cottages that lined up around Alki. Between the sandy beaches, the mountain/sound/city views, the amazing restaurants, the water taxi, Lincoln Park, Fauntleroy Ferry dock, diving classes, para-sailing and Salty’s, there is an eccentric and expansive thriving Seattle alter ego. It’s more than a hood – it’s a destination!

West Seattle is also super affordable right now. The reasoning is a little irrational but we think that most folks are scared of buying in West Seattle because of the Viaduct work and its impact on the infamous Seattle commute. Frankly – the city of Seattle is not going to abandon West Seattle to Burien. In the meantime, it is amazing the quality of home and friendly neighbors one can find in West Seattle right now at super fabulous prices. Lately we have been showing homes in Columbia City and West Seattle. Columbia City has the light rail and is downright a favorite hood. But for the money you can buy a lot more in West Seattle.

West Seattle is also one of our favorite hoods because its where we sold our Fauntleroy house this past summer. The house personifies the lifestyle one can have so close to the city. Easy walk to a community area, great neighbors, stunning views and so much more. Check out the house yourself>

Top Ten Favorite Spots in West Seattle:

  1. Luna Park Cafe — This place is the epitome of West Seattle — quirky, fun and in a category all by itself. Oh, and the shakes are “to-die-for!”
  2. West Seattle Farmers Market: There are very few year round farmers markets in Seattle but West Seattle has one of the best!
  3. Planetary Apothecary: Chez Diva hosts a monthly Astro Salon with our own Stephanie Gailing. Her house is perched out over the sound reminding us that we do live in an amazing place on earth.
  4. Bakery Nouveau: Award winning pastries coupled with chocolate. Love you!
  5. Brunch at Salty’s on Alki: Normally we are not into big chain places. But really – this brunch is a once a year event for us girls.
  6. Walks on Alki in the Summer: There is nothing more that we love than skipping out on work, getting together with the girls and power walking on Alki. I will take that snide yuppy compliment!
  7. Zatz’s Bagels: It is just nice to know that there is a place in this city for bagels.
  8. Fauntleroy Ferry: Coming back from Vashon on the ferry and seeing West Seattle’s beaches come into view is magical.
  9. Diva Espresso: It’s more than a name – it is perfection in a cup!
  10. West 5: It feels like a retro chic bowling alley but without the bowling – just the charming waitresses.

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  1. Chavi Hohm

    Your staging sells houses. I think you have the magic touch!

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