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Diva Dweller Spotlight | Michael (A.K.A. Miss DonnaTella Howe)

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Diva Dweller Spotlight | Michael (A.K.A. Miss DonnaTella Howe)

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Michael Before --- DonnaTella After
Michael Before — DonnaTella After

Dear Michael has been a resident Divotee for quite some time now. Having met him at the annual Chez Diva Halloween Bash, we knew he would fit into the posse perfectly. Not long after meeting Michael, we had the pleasure of meeting DonnaTella Howe, Michael’s sexy, sassy, and savvy drag counterpart. Through the years, us Divas have been on adventure after adventure with Michael/DonnaTella in tow, most recently on our big Palm Springs birthday extravaganza. If you’ve been lucky, you may have caught some time with DonnaTella at one of our events, like Divas Take the Hill or NEXT Fest NW. But if you haven’t gotten enough of Michael or Miss DonnaTella (we know we can’t!), check out his Diva Dweller story below.

Name: Michael Jouver

Hood: Capitol Hill

  1. How did you meet the Divas? I met the gals thru my best friend Ricardo and his other half Rocky, just prior to a couple Halloween’s back I think. Time flies when you’re being fabulous! I adore them, such great people to have as friends and then agents!
  2. What type of home did you purchase? Co-op Apartment thing-a-ma-jig haha.
  3. What was your first “OMG” house moment? With the space I bought it would have to be when I first saw the photos on Zillow and instantly loved the color scheme, also thinking that it was reminiscent of somewhere Sylvia O’Stayformore might reside. My first apartment is down the street at Thomas and Bellevue so I used to walk past what is now my front door (or as my best friend has named it ‘the sitcom door’) and never really noticed it.Then poof in my search here it is, it feels like I came full circle. It wasn’t on the level I preferred, being used to balconies and private outdoor spaces, but it works, it’s well lit, I don’t feel like I’m being watched by people passing by and honestly I don’t think people notice the location. That’s certainly proven when I’ve had to direct people to come over for their first time and they don’t seem to see where it’s at, which I then call ‘the door of requirement’ like in Harry Potter. It’s classic and has rooms, plenty of space, wood floors, a real kitchen it’s just the perfect first home. I still just marvel sometimes that I have this places with spaces all over that are all mine and feel so cozy. Plus the marvelous closet that holds my drag performance persona ‘DonnaTella Howe’ – it’s nice to have everything at home.
  4. What is your greatest home extravagance? Oh gosh, hm, I haven’t bought one thing or spent particularly toward something. I guess I would say my couch, but that was a gift – but just having a couch, I love it. I used to live in a studio and having that room and piece now is just wonderful. I sometimes just sleep on my couch because I can. Plus I can have houseguests! I am looking forward to making my own changes down the line.
  5. What is in your junk drawer? Hah, I don’t have one! My old junk drawer is now two plastic organizers that I need to go through. Funny enough I don’t have space for a junk drawer because all of the useable space in my kitchen (where I always have had said drawer) is being used by kitchen materials.
  6. Would you rather:
    • mow lawn / paint the fence – Although I don’t have to do either in this place, I’ve mowed plenty of lawn space in my day so I’ll go with that. The last one I used to mow was at our first house here in WA and if you looked at it from the upper story the way I mowed it, it would look like Snoopy’s head.
    • untangle computer cords / sort socks – ah I’ve done both, sort socks, so easy to do while you watch TV or in my case catch up on DVR.
    • test the smoke detectors / fix squeaky doors – I’ve not had to do either, but WD40 is a marvel, so fix those doors!
    • plunge the toilet / clean out the refrigerator – of course the fridge, but you know you can’t avoid the other…
    • clean the gutters / take down holiday decorations – I’ve yet to clean a gutter so I’ll keep to the decorations. I was the decorator at home for my mom. I’ve yet to get into it living on my own, since its really only ever been me, but maybe now that I have a place to entertain…
  7. What is your favorite Hood hangout spot? I love Broadway and I love 15th, both have such great places to pop into for food or what have you. Geez the whole hill really, its booming! Its the the Manhattan of Seattle. Samurai Noodles, Remedy Teas, Bimbos, Hana, Vivace, Sun Liquor Distillery (esp for brunch!). So much to choose from, I still find places I’ve yet to go.
  8. What is your favorite local organization/non-profit? Oh a toss up, Gay City or the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Both do such great work keeping the community safe and happy. Gay City I love because they’re just so open and warm and take great care of everyone. The Sisters, I adore and look up to them as a performer and drag persona. I thought they were Mardi Gras nuns when I first met them, so many of them I know in and out of habit and they are just the best people ever.
  9. What do you love the most about your house? Oh gosh well I think I might have summed it up some in the ‘AHA moment’ question. My dishwasher, gas heat, wood floors, the space for my drag closet, the red dual shower headed jetted bathtub, my front door that has a glass storm door which the top half becomes a screen door, all of the color, ROOMS AND SPACE, that it is mine for time to come and everyday I am thankful for it and for the Divas for helping me get there.
Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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