Diva Dogs + Dogs of the World Appreciation Day

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Today – Friday is Dog Appreciation Day. Or as we like to call it Diva Dog Day. The Divas have always had adopted mutts as our pooches. And anyone who knows us knows we are obsessed with our dogs. Frankly I think they received more toys for Christmas than their mommies. Coldwell Banker has launched Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project. Something near and dear to our heats – pet adoption. Once again Coldwell Banker gets right at the heart strings of why a home is the best place on earth. Even for our fur babies.


Not only are the pooches in the video adorable but did anyone notice the two daddies and their cute as pie pooch in the Coldwell Banker video?

In our household we have Handsome Hollis and Delightful Daisy – both adopted pound/street dogs. Every morning we start our day with a big dog puddle cuddle in bed listening to NPR and sipping a fine roasted coffee. It is the best time of the day. Hollis usually finds some eaten up toy and tries to get Daisy to chase him around the house. Eventually the peace turns into full Diva Dog chaos and it is time for our morning walk. These two just make our lives so full of life that I honestly do not know what we would do without them.

Diva Dogs  - Every Day is Awesome at Chez Diva

Diva Dogs – Every Day is Awesome at Chez Diva

Hollis we found wandering the streets close to our DivaHQ. We searched and could not find his owner. Only to find out later that his previous human was extremely violent dug addicted transient leaving Hollis in random places. Suffice it to say Hollis quickly became a fixture on Capitol Hill’s many patios, rooftops, and various restaurants. Everyone knows Hollis. Hollis is also quite the player. All he has to do is look at someone and he gets exactly what he wants. He is especially fond of Diva Dude Roy’s Fitbit watch, Chris Clem’s undies from Retail Therapy, Kate’s bra, Tracy’s shoes, and I cannot tell you the number of pajamas that kid has eaten over the last eighteen months. Anyhoo – Hollis gets what he wants. Hollis made it very clear he wanted a another dog pal the December of 2013. He was done with the kids at the park he wanted a full time dog companion. And what Hollis wants Hollis gets!

Welcome Delightful Daisy. Our Diva Dweller Karin volunteers for several pet adoption places. Her passion in life is finding homes for pooches. Karin invited us to a pet adoption event in Fife once she found out about Hollis’ Christmas wish. We met a super anxious but a beyond sweet dog named Daisy. Daisy is a lover inside the four walls of our house. Outside on the leash she will do whatever it takes to protect her mommies from birds, other dogs, joggers, and her personal favorite strollers. Back inside Chez Diva she is the snuggliest pooch ever. She will just cuddle up and watch long movies with the Divas. Snuggle the cats. Snuggle the Aunties. Snuggle Roy. Snuggle strangers. Snuggle everyone. Outside she will make sure everyone knows we rule this neighborhood (sort of like her mommies).

Hollis and Daisy love each other so much and we love them even more. Our life would not be the same for these two homeless pooches. In fact we are trying to figure out how to remodel and/or sell Chez Diva to make their life more awesome. Luckily for us we have some really amazing folks who have been helping us with both Hollis and Daisy. Kimi Neal is about the best person I have ever met who trains dogs. She takes a non violent approach to help dogs make better decisions in their brain chemistry. The work she has done with Daisy is remarkable. Check out her Facebook page Kimi Loves Dogs. We also have the most amazing Dog Walker to help us out on those Team Diva hustle days. Hit us up and we will get you Emily’s number.

So – have you and your pooched outgrown your studio? Is your pooch like Hollis and says “I want a big yard Diva so Daisy and I can run around!”


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