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Broadway North: A Full Day of Fun, Food, and Fashionable Finds

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Broadway North: A Full Day of Fun, Food, and Fashionable Finds

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Broadway on Capitol Hill is more than a thoroughfare. Back when Capitol Hill was more explicitly a bohemian, queer community, it was the center of business, from the Pike/Pine corridor all the way up to the Broadway Market, now a QFC.

So much has changed on Capitol Hill in recent years, and a lot of the buzz is around Pike/Pine. What was formerly Auto Row is where you’ll find the neighborhood’s highest density of large beer houses and breweries, galleries and arts venues. Some of our favorite spots have been there for decades, but many blocks would be unrecognizable ten years ago.

Central to Capitol Hill is Cal Anderson Park and the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station, where Olive Way and John Street collide at Broadway. We think it’s interesting (and refreshing) that north of that intersection, Broadway hasn’t changed so drastically. In fact, the queer, bohemian energy we love so much is still brimming on these blocks. It has it all, from rowdy dives to exceptional fine dining, to boutique shopping.

Here’s a FULL day itinerary to show you what we mean.


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Morning Espresso at Vivace

Some of us still remember the gorgeous space that Vivace had overlooking the park before it was bulldozed for the Light Rail Station. Sigh. We don’t get that view anymore, but Vivace on Broadway is still a fantastic place to chill. They have a quiet room for people hard at work, an open cafe, and sidewalk seating, as well. (Naturally, the coffee is great, too.) Also, if you just want to grab a coffee and stroll or take it to a shop, stop by the Vivace Espresso Stand, just down the block.

Maple glazed pork belly with a corn and mozzarella pancake at Americana.

Brunch at Americana

In seven short years, Chef Jeffrey Wilson has made Americana a neighborhood favorite. It’s been especially nice to have his homey, Southern-inspired cuisine now that the old haunt Charlie’s has been turned into a walk-in clinic. Time marches on, but Americana keeps its brunch and lunch classically delicious, seven days a week (and dinner Tuesday through Saturday, too).


Treasure Hunting at Lifelong Thrift

Lifelong AIDS Alliance will always have a special place in our hearts. (Diva Kim and Diva Chavi met while working there.) The charity’s thrift store is a fantastic place to find books, accessories, and clothes for major deals. Pro tip: People (vintage re-sellers, we suspect) line up just before 11 am on Mondays when the store opens and the color-coded discounts change for the week. Check it out, donate your own goodies, and support a great local charity.

Take in Some Air at Tashkent Park

Take a little breather outdoors. One of Seattle’s sister cities is Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and a small commemorative park is nestled just a few blocks west of Broadway. There’s a lot of strange (even questionable) public art in Seattle, but Taskent Park‘s bronze statue “Semurg” is quite lovely. It depicts the mythological bird, a messenger of the gods and harbinger of joy.


Light Lunch at Tacos Chukis

Time for a snack. Head back to the Broadway Arcade (same building as Americana) and go to the second floor. It’s time for some of the city’s best Mexican street food: Tacos Chukis. Tacos, quesadillas, and burritos come out hot, fast, and with no frills.

Pick Up a Gift at Kobo

One of our favorite shops in town is Kobo, a beautifully curated selection of design objects, art, books, and more. The original is located in the old Higo general store in the International District, but Capitol Hill has a satellite location. This smaller shop is a treasure box and the perfect place to pick up a unique gift. (You don’t even need a special occasion. If you are having a day of fun with a friend, give it to them to always remember the time together.)


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Chill at Joe Bar

Joe Bar just around the corner from Kobo is a perfect place for a kaffeeklatsch. The art on the walls changes regularly (and is often quite good!) and if you need a little extra snack, their crepes are delicious.

Photo (and the feature image cocktail) via Poppy

Happy Hour at Poppy or The Highline

As the day comes to a close, you have MANY options for happy hour and dinner. We’re bracketing the day with options at both ends of this micro-neighborhood.

A block away from Joe Bar, at the end of, Broadway before it turns into 10th Avenue, there is the nationally acclaimed Poppy. Seasonal menus of international cuisine are charged with spices from around the world and fresh herbs from the rooftop garden. Happy hour from 5 pm to 6:30 pm includes drink deals and a “Happy Thali” selection of dishes. If you are sticking around for dinner, get a reservation.

And for a completely different vibe, head back south toward Olive/John and the Light Rail Station. Then jet upstairs to The Highline, a haven for old-school punk shenanigans. The Happy Hour menu will allow you to save some moolah while you chow on hearty vegan cuisine, sip house-infused liquors, and try their great beer picks. And if you want a rowdy night, come back for the live music.

In between brunching and shopping, grab your Vivace Coffee and venture a couple of blocks off the Broadway to take a tour through our chic new condo listing at The Highlander.

This sleek open design kitchen and living/dining area will make you fall in love. Just envision the fabulous parties you can throw all year round. And there’s even a pool!

Address: 525 Belmont Ave E, unit 1A Seattle WA 98102

Price: $650,000

Contact: Kim@teamdivarealestate.com / 206-850-3102

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