How to Make Your Home a Smart Home

South Lake Union Modern Townhouse Dining room with View into Kitchen and Architectural Wall and Staircase

Want to know how to make your home a smart home? Meaning all the cool gadgets where you literally tell the air something and the faucet comes on? Weird and amazing. Smart home is definitely a buzzword phrase in our industry. Everyone says they have upgraded their home with the latest tech but honestly it […]

Top Broker in Seattle Lindsy Russell-Mitchell Celebrates 5 Years in Real Estate 

Portrait photo of Lindsy Russell-Mitchell

What makes Lindsy Russell-Mitchell a top broker in Seattle? Lindsy has a true passion for people. She always goes above and beyond to help each of her clients meet their unique goals. She understands that as a top licensed broker, she is selling much more than just houses—she is providing a deeply valuable service. Lindsy […]