Support the Arts in Seattle During the Covid Crisis: How You Can Help

As part of our series of blog posts responding to Coronavirus, we’re looking at how we can support the arts in Seattle. The necessary but painful “social distancing” is affecting the survivability of many arts orgs in a variety of ways. Fortunately, we can do something about it. Make no mistake: It’s always a struggle […]

Take-Out Time: Supporting Small Business in Seattle

We have always been advocates of supporting small businesses in Seattle (and not just because we are one, too.) Small shops, cafes, eateries, etc all create a sense of community that makes each neighborhood in Seattle unique and vibrant. Seattle’s small businesses are what makes are spot on earth and Divaland a special place in […]

Thank You to All of the Supporters of Divaland’s Variety Show

Thank You Divaland For Supporting the Live Arts

On Friday, March 20th we hosted a Divaland Variety Show curated by Raja Feather Kelly. In less than 8 hours we connected with 17 different performers, did sound checks, setup an Eventbrite and sold out a show that we hosted via Zoom. It started out a little rough but as the evening went along it […]