Diva Dwellers Hit By Hate Groups During Pride Month: It’s Time to Fight Back

Divaland Activist Cookie Couture at Drag Queen Story Hour

On Monday, everyone at Team Diva meets to discuss schedules and our marketing content for the week. This week, however, we all decided there was something more important that needed to be done. Our friend, client, and all around drag superstar Cookie Couture was in Des Moines hosting Drag Queen Story Hour. The entire team […]

Seattle Pride Month 2019: Week 4 and Pride Weekend is Here

Pride Week is upon us, with all the biggest, gayest festivities packed into five days. It’s time to get busy, Divaland, and all you “friends of Dorothy.” Parties and protests and parades, oh yes! Though the Divas will be in New York City, Team Diva will be representing at the major parades, including our own […]