“Get It Sold!” – Seller Tips for A Stellar Home Sale

Lake Union View Condo Family Room - 4

Yep, Seattle housing inventory is scarce. Yep, there are way more buyers than houses to buy. And yes – interest rates are still crazy low, hovering around 3.8% for a conventional 30 year fixed loan. All this points to a killer “Seattle Sellers’ Market.” So if you are considering selling your home this year – read on peeps. Here are some tips from the Diva for a stellar home sale this year. Follow these simple rules, get your home on the market and before you know it – bada bing bada boom – BUYERS!

The Divas Magical Real Estate Outlook for 2015

Seattle Condo and Single Family Home Inventory 2007-2015

It’s the time of year for your Divas and Diva Dudes to give you a Magical Real Estate Outlook for 2015. Magical because in Real Estate you are mainly relying on past data of sales and experiences to try to intuit the future movement of buyers and sellers. Going into 2015 there are some really interesting indicators […]

Rocky’s Tips for 2015 | So, you want to buy a home?

Rocky Gives Tips to a Homebuyer

So, you want to buy a home? Well first, congratulations! You are turning the page to one of the most important chapters in the story of your life. But don’t expect to skip straight to your happy ending. The time to cross your new threshold and pop the cork on the champagne is still a few […]