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White Center Pride 2023 - Divas Roy with Diva Dwellers

Thank You For Kicking Off Pride at White Center Pride

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Thank You For Kicking Off Pride at White Center Pride

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We had such an amazing time at White Center Pride and it was the perfect way to kick off Pride 2023!

White Center Pride was epic!!!! Last Saturday, June 4th we all gathered in the heart of White Center and kicked off Pride. We had an information booth and a huge photo area. Basically, we treated anyone and everyone in their queerness like they were a celebrity on their way to the Pride Ball. 

Let’s dive in and recap why this was such an awesome event. 

White Center Pride Was Epic

Rocky with Diva Dwellers at White Center Pride 2023

No, for real! Being able to be out and about with all of these folks in their rainbow goodness was so heart-affirming. The act of being out for Pride is what makes this whole experience so special. Some days it feels like doom and gloom (which is real) with a new state discriminating against trans people. Specifically our young Trans community. 

White Center Pride brought together everyone.  

Why Did We Choose White Center Pride to Kick Off Pride?

Big love to the organizers of White Center Pride. They are an all-volunteer non-profit organization that created an amazing experience. Their mission is as follows:   


– White Center Pride Committee

And they delivered. This was the most diverse experience. You had families, young queers, trans folxs, BIPOC folxs, and your Divas who were there in all their pink. 

The biggest difference between White Center Pride and other Pride experiences was the lack of corporate sponsors. You can definitely tell that it was an intentional experience. It was Pride by the community and for the community! You can tell the difference between an event that has been Rainbow Washed versus one that is all about the Rainbow by Rainbow Warriors!

Please donate to White Center Pride so they can continue with this epic mission >

Why is White Center Pride So Special?

The Divas of White Center Pride 2023

This is one of the few experiences during Pride season that is about the community. It was created by members of the White Center community for the entire community. The vibe is friendly, inclusive, and super affirming. 

I personally had so many conversations with people about the simple joy of being out and open during a Pride season that is definitely under attack. It was super sweet to see so many members of our Trans community out and free. The space that was created here made sure that the spaces were truly safe and inclusive. 

Remember, visibility is a true act of revolution! 

Thank You Divaland For Coming Out and Joining Us

Divaland celebrating pride at White Center Pride

Kim and I so appreciate so many Diva Dwellers coming out and showing us their best Rainbow selves. It felt awesome to see you all. I loved having folks hang out with us at the booth. And of course we love getting our photos taken with you all. You are amazing and we love you! 

Where Else Will You See Team Diva at Pride?

We are putting together our list of Pride events including checking out Tacoma Pride. Stay tuned! 

Pride is Still a Revolution and White Center Pride Kicked It Off Right

White Center Pride 2023 the whole team of Team Diva celebrating Pride

A lot can be and will be said about Pride and how Rainbow Washed it has become. But it is an active way to stand up for our community and be in the community. Being Queer and being Out is definitely being restricted across this nation. But the fight has to always start at home. And we need to share our combined resources to make sure Drag Shows remain legal and our Trans community can continue to get their Gender Affirming care

White Center Pride was a reminder of why that fight is so important! Thank you!!!!

Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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