Team Diva Nominated for “Best of Capitol Hill” by Umpquah Bank

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Thanks Umpqua Bank for the Nomination!

BIG NEWS!!!  Just the other day, the Divas were nominated as the “Best of Capitol Hill” by Umpqua Bank.  Basically this is a friendly competition where the winner receives $10,00 for their favorite community project or organization.  In addition to the $10,000 for a community organization, Team Diva would receive $1,000 more to do with as we please.

Now, as you all know, we do love community development.  That’s why we have decided that, if we win, the recipient of the $10,000 would be the 12th Ave Arts Building, an up-and-coming affordable space for the arts and artist housing.  Moreover, we have decided that the $1,000 prize would be donated to the organizations spotlighted in our Donate Like a Diva Campaign.  It’s a double win for the community!
So this is where you come in because WE NEED YOUR HELP! In order for us to win the competition, we must be the business that receives the most text votes by December 15th.  So here’s what you need to do:
    1. Text CAPHILL + Team Diva Real Estate to 99158
    2. Tell all of your friends, family, and everyone you meet on the street to vote too
    3. Keep an eye on the Donate Like a Diva Campaign to see what organizations we will be supporting if we win
Just so y’all know, you can vote for your favorite business 5 times a week per cell phone number. So get out there and vote for Team Diva Real Estate to help us raise money for the 12th Ave Arts Building and many other local organizations!

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