Westwood Village


Westwood Village

Westwood Village can feel like a self-contained suburb, thanks to its eponymous shopping center. Yes, if you want fine dining or nightlife, you have to go elsewhere. But if you want a convenient commuter community that has ample shopping and is just a short trip to more hip neighborhoods, Westwood Village is rather perfect. As a transit hub, it’s easy to get south, north and to downtown by bus. This and the commercial heart of it encourage the development of apartments, but many streets around this nucleus and the nearby Roxhill Park are lined with charming classic homes that are totally quiet after dark.



This one is a no-brainer! This shopping center includes well-known chains and smaller eateries with easy transit access, too.
A funky, casual pub with a special love for film (including movie nights) and classic cocktails.
A centrally located community hub with wetlands, a beloved playground (aka Castle Park), sports fields and BBQ facilities.
The hometown giant may not be an imaginative choice…but you have two convenient locations in Westwood Village, and when in Rome…
Go a little bit west of the shopping center to find this no frills eatery serving up hot, flavorful baskets of fried seafood.

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