Professional Photography in Real Estate

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Team Diva Real Estate has been using professional photography to market our listing for the past 6 years. We hire professionals because we know the intrinsic value of an engaging photograph and – these Divas are a picky bunch.  We expect all the homes we list to look as fabulous as possible. The photography needs to draw the buyer into the home and make them linger long enough to decided that this home is worthy of a “non-virtual” viewing.  Stellar photography often makes the difference between selling at top market value versus languishing on the market for months.

French-Inspired Bungalow

Seattle PI ran a great article about the actual value in home prices for those who use professional photographers. For a home over $1,000,000 the difference can be around $100,000. Professional photographs can result in a $5,743 increase in price for a medium priced home in Seattle. Here is the entire article by Seattle PI after the jump >>

Team Diva Real Estate hires some of the best photographers in the industry for the majority of our listed homes. John G. Wilbanks specializes in architectural photography. As a result his eye is geared towards the little nuisances that make a home stunning. John’s photography of our recent listing in Squire Park showcased the vintage details found in the home. There are others in the business but very few can capture an essence of a home the way John does every day!

Below is a home Team Diva Real Estate sold earlier this year. We sold it for $25,000 more than other listed homes on busy 24th Ave in Montlake. The online viewings of the home were off the charts. The Divas are convinced the reason behind the viewings were a direct result of the John’s photography of the home.

Montlake French-Inspired Bungalow

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