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Recently, some friends of ours introduced us to a fabulous Interior Designer, Donald Dewsnup. As soon as we met Donald, we were impressed by his taste in furniture, styling, and the way he worked in an integrated fashion with his clients. His thoughts are focused on what the client needs to express their inner Diva in their own home. This is a refreshing change from some of the other designers we have met, whose focus is more about their own design sense. We welcome Donald to the Diva fold and look forward to having him as a future contributor to the Diva blog.

Resetting the Room

by Donald Dewsnup

Designer, Donald Dewsnup

As an Interior Designer I like to surprise my clients by helping them to discover something about their own style and taste. One of the effective ways to discover your own style and taste is what I call “resetting the room;” just like resetting a dining table simply changes everything in the room and start over. Just like changing a table setting, replace the vase with a unique alternative, let’s replace the silverware with a contemporary selection and as far as the china, we offer you a selection of fun and innovative patterns to choose from!

Here are some “resetting the room” ideas that are the latest trend this Fall.

The shades of grey are back in style from a light antique earth to dark as chalkboard grey for accent walls and sofa sectionals. The greys are complimented by different shades of orange or “marmalade glaze” for accent pillows on the sofa sectional, area rugs, and desk chairs.

Accent Chairs in Earth Tones

To accent the grey colors and orange accents bring in natural light woods for desk surfaces, coffee tables, and end tables as well as fun table top décor. The natural light wood would be complimented with white bookcases, white mid-century side boards and white accent pillows. All this mixes well with espresso brown sofa tables and end tables, as well as, tan, white or dark brown leather arm chairs.
There you have it, the latest look and trends for “resetting the room” this Fall.

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