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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Every year we host a get together for 30 or so of our FIUTS students, friends and family, or as diva Mia pal likes to say, framily (your friend family). The holiday is our time to enjoy some fabulous food and each other’s company. This year we decided to reflect on everything in our Diva world that we love and are truly thankful for:

  1. Diva Dwellers and Divotees: They recommend us on Yelp, come to our events, tell their friends about us, promote us to their moms, and are the reason we LOVE real estate. Cause they are freakin’ awesome!
  2. Garden Court Peeps: The DivaHQ is housed in the “garden level” of Coldwell Banker Bain Capitol Hill’s office. There a few other brokers who have private offices on our level. They make our life awesome. We help each other out in times of need, pick each other up when we are feeling down and, most importantly, celebrate each other’s successes. This environment is what keeps us going, knowing that our form of competition involves all of us working together to do our best and be our best every day!
  3. Interweb Real Estate Pals + our Power gals from Real Estate Nerd Nuggets: These are our industry power peeps. They believe in elevating the client experience, the power of creative and effective marketing, and the importance of constantly striving to elevate the real estate industry that we work in. Just to mention a few: Linda Aaron, Heather Ostrom, Anne Jones, Kelly Mitchell, Debra Trappen, Chris Smith, Katie Lance, Sean Carpenter, The Geeky Girls, and many many more fabulous folks.
  4. View of Capitol Hill: Seriously – our office location is awesome. We look out from our Macs to see a sea of fabulousness float by. In the summer time it is a parade of Trans sistahs mixed with lost tourists. We often get to see Miss Gay Seattle as she hustles to her Diva Dwelling for lunch. There is the killer view of the freaking Space Needle, the topless biker chic, Santas dragging gold reindeer and so much more. Oh how we love Capitol Hill!
  5. Family: Our family is awesome. Our nieces, nephews and our cousin’s kids make having fun and playing games magical. Our non-biological family, or Framily, gives us an immense amount of support to go out there and kick booty!
  6. Rosie the Real Estate Pooch: On Sunday, Rosie the Real Estate action dog, spent nine hours in the back of the Prius as we traveled all over Seattle. But she was a trooper. She makes the office fun, calms are clients, and is generally our funny little office companion.
  7. FIUTS – International Students: Divas love our kids. Our international kids are awesome. In fact we are getting ready to host about 1o of them for our annual Thanksgiving Feast of Goodness.
  8. K-Pop and Kikis: The Divas get their giggle on watching K-Pop (Korean pop music) and Scissor Sister’s Let’s Have a Kiki videos. They make it much easier to deal with those tough transactions and give us party inspirations.
  9. Team Members: Seriously – we do not know where we would be without our Chris and Ricardo in the DivaHQ watching our backs and pushing us forward.
  10. Each Other:  We Divas (Kim and Chavi) are getting ready to celebrate our 15th year being together as a couple. Yes – we are a real live couple outside of Divaland. And because of this we are also thankful for the passing of Referendum 74 which legalizes gay marriage in WA State. Two very very good reasons to be thankful this season!
Happy Thanksgiving Pals!!!!


3 thoughts on “Divas Giving Thanks at the DivaHQ

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    Thanks Diva Kim and Diva Chavi! I am honored to be included in your list of geeky peeps. I am thankful for the two of you, it has been such a pleasure to collaborate, share ideas and learn from one another. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, can’t wait for 2013, it is going to be Diva Fabulous!

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    Chavi & Kim,

    Thanks Divas! I am so honored and excited to be included in your Thanksgiving post among such awesome people. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to spend a few days with you and get to experience your “awesomeness!”

    Keep up the great work and finish 2012 strong. I know you ladies will enjoy a wonderful 2013 too.

    I am so proud to call you a Coldwell Banker teammate but also a fellow Realtor. It’s people like you who make me proud to be part of this great industry.

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    What a beautiful post – so fun to take a walk in your life, experiences, and what surrounds you. I love you girls! I’m so grateful to have you guys to lift me up and keep me motivated (and really that entire group kicks butt). I’m SO glad Linda introduced me to all of you. I’m getting quite queso-y here, I can’t help myself – someone hold me! ~ Ditto to Sean and Linda’s comment – thank you for the mention. 🙂 Congrats on 15 years, daaaayum! Right on ladies. Happy Thanksgiving and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such funny, amazing, and people that inspire me in life and business. Love from the ‘ville in Nor Cal!

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