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Diva Wedding Guide to Seattle

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Diva Wedding Guide to Seattle

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The Diva Team takes Seattle!
The Diva Team takes Seattle!

The Big Diva Wedding Bash is just around the corner and some of our fabulous guests have already started trickling in to the city. We are feeling lucky to have so many friends and family coming in to Seattle from far-off places and want to make sure they have the best time possible in this incredibly place we call home. So without further adieu, here’s just a few details to keep our favorite out-of-towners healthy, happy, and hip.

Get Around Like a Diva
If you aren’t a city dweller (or even if you are), sometimes driving in a new city can be the most dreaded part of a trip. Lucky for you, Seattle has a few great options for transportation. For those of you who are daring and want to use public transportation, you can easily use apps such as Transit and One Bus Away to track where you want to go, how to get there, and just how late your bus is inevitably running.

However, we Divas tend to stick with our favorite ride-share service, Uber Car. This app let’s you map your location, estimate fares, and track the location of your car in real time. In general, their UberX service is cheaper and more reliable than any lame, expensive taxi company. We strongly STRONGLY encourage you to use Uber to get to the wedding because parking for the wedding ceremony at Velocity Dance Center is generally hard to find given its location!

Shop Like a Diva
Need to pick up a new tie or cute cocktail dress before the wedding events commence? Just looking to kill some time with the money that’s burning a hole in your purse? Take an afternoon and check out some of our favorite shops that keep our Diva lifestyle afloat.

Eat Like a Diva
We love nothing more than a few nibbles and some decadent desserts every once in awhile. While you’re in town, make sure you stop by some of these places and be fed by the very best. They all certainly know how to treat a Diva.

  • Poquitos for the best late night margaritas and guacamole in town
  • Momiji’s Sushi Restaurant for freshest, tastiest, and prettiest sushi outside of Japan
  • Quinn’s Pub for the gastropub meat lovers
  • Plum Bistro for the environmentalist vegan crowd
  • Pettirosso for those who want a little taste of Italy in the heart of Seattle
  • Oddfellows Cafe + Bar for the casual afternoon snack, coffee, and libation
  • Cafe Presse for small French plates and the best croque madame money can buy
  • Panevino for the most decadent pasta, pasta, and more pasta you can find
  • Coterie Room for a little Northwest shared-plate delight for the über foodie
  • Le Pichet for the true francophile at heart
  • The Whale Wins and Joule were jointly named the #9 best restaurants in the nation according the Bon Appetit mag – somebody go try the beef tartares and report back to the Divas!!!
    Dine like a Diva during your trip
    Dine like a Diva during your trip

After-Wedding Brunch Spots
Whether you have the after party munchies or need a family friendly place for the morning after, Seattle has got somewhere to fill your tummy for the best meal of the day: Brunch!

  • Lost Lake Cafe for the 24-hour spot that will be open for after-wedding munchies
  • Captain Blacks for the food that restores your dignity after a long night of debauchery (walk of shame included)
  • CJ’s Eatery for the greasiest morning grub you can find
  • Salty’s Buffet Brunch for the biggest, freshest all-you-can-eat seafood buffet in the Northwest
  • Lola for the classier, more gourmet types – be sure to get the fresh doughnuts from Dahlia Bakery next door!
  • Coastal Kitchen for the “worldly” types, now featuring Veracruz, Mexico as their coast of choice
  • Americana for a classic big fat American brunch
    A little post-wedding "hair of the dog"
    A little post-wedding “hair of the dog”

Fun for the 21+ Divas
We all need a little libation every now and then. Whether you want a dive or a dream, there’s something for all of our 21+ on Capitol Hill.

  • Captain Blacks for a dive bar with a deck view of the city
  • Poco Wine Room for afternoon wine sipping and paired nibbles
  • Canon for Gatsby-esque craft cocktails by Seattle’s most famous barhand, Murray
  • Von Trapp’s for Belgium-lovers and some “Bier, Brats, & Bocce”
  • Tommy Gun for craft cocktails at a Diva hood all-time favorite
  • Linda’s Tavern for the best dive bar in town, perfect for a late summer night
  • Zig Zag for world-renowned cocktails downtown
  • And for the late night dancey folk, hit Revolution @ the Baltic Room on Thursdays
    The posse likes to hit Revolution at Baltic Room on Thursdays
    The posse likes to hit Revolution at Baltic Room on Thursdays

Family Fun for the Mini-Divas
Although we don’t have to worry about our canine kids as much, we understand lots of our friends have to make sure the human kids are entertained. Here are some fool-proof Seattle gems that will keep any youngster (and even their parents) smiling.

Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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