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Last week I was sending a referral to two of my fav gals in the Tacoma area – Anne Jones and Marguerite Giguere. We were chatting via Facebook about our individual markets. Fascinating! The topic of “Are we in a bubble?” came up and it was interesting to see the gals’ perspectives.

Below is the blow by power gal blow of our various real estate lands via Facebook. WORTH THE READ!

Anne: I would so love a day to hang with you gals – maybe we will have to come up for lunch when the market cools off…lol.


So you gals think this is a bubble as well?


Are we talking about the market or the abundance of drag brunches?


I think it’s artificial, yes.


Well I do love drag brunch!!! But yes the market. Every real estate professional I know is selling their home right now!!!!


Still a LOT of people underwater…met with my fourth this month that can’t sell.


Your market is a wee but different because jobs are sooo good that buyers can afford to pay 07 prices it seems?

Here not so much.


One of our clients noted that they were able to get more for their house this spring than during the height of the market in 2007. Totally agree with you about the under water for a lot of folks.

That would be us Divas – We live just one block away from Foursquare’s Checkin Spot for “Seattle’s Most Dangerous Corner”


What was it they said about us being at our lowest building levels since World War Two? I think “artificial” is a good word for it.



Totally! I’m telling our condo folks to sell now because of the number of apartment buildings being built that there is a very real possibility of one them becoming a new condo development. Rumor has it that we should see our very first new high rise condo development in Belltown. That is the first to be built in over seven years!!!

Marguerite: Congrats!

Anne: I

 think we have a lot of pent up activity (people on the sidelines these past few years waiting for bottom) and then some genuinely smart folks who see this is a golden opportunity for affordability. When that stream runs out – and interest rates rise – some of this chaos will settle. Great point about construction – Chavi.

Chavi: Love this conversation! I’m putting it in the Diva blog under smart re girl talk
Marguerite: Woot!
Anne: Was just thinking the same thing which is that our clients would benefit from this type of casual dialogue and analysis

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  1. There are so many factors contributing to the market we have right now it’s great to be able compare notes and opinions with smart ladies.

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