Built Green Newsletter Highlight – What is Hybrid Deconstruction?

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Just received the most recent Built Green newsletter for August and was comelled to repost one of the calls for submission. Seattle Public Utilities is looking for submission for Hypbrid Deconstruction pilot projects. We were fascinated by the term “Hybrid Deconstruction”. Is it car? A new inner city housing complex? Speak in plain English folks! Basically it refers to the process of deconstructing an existing building while reusing and reallocating as much of the old building materials as possible. The Divas are really fascinated by this process and would love to see someone take (as the french say “bidionville”) or crack shack and turn into something interesting and livable.

Seattle Public Utilities Hybrid Deconstruction pilot projects for 2010: Call for Submissions
Seattle Public Utilities is seeking additional Hybrid Deconstruction pilot projects for 2010 to support deconstruction research and training program development. Pilot projects wil potentially be eligible to receive a portion of the grant to support the following: research and development of hybrid techniques; development of training programs and on-the-job training; and research on lumber grading and re-use standards. If your company has any potential deconstruction projects in 2010 and are interested in the above goals, please contact Seattle Public Utilities Green Building department or King County GreenTools.

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