Buying New Construction in Seattle

Buying New Construction in Seattle

Buying new construction in Seattle is home option that many in the city prefer to take. There is nothing like buying something brand spanking new and that goes for homes too. Specifically, if you really love that modern new construction home look. That new house smell that comes with new construction is magical. Fresh paint, […]

Seattle Home Buying: Winning a Multiple Offer in a Hot Market

Winning Multiple Offers

Seattle’s has been in a steady state of multiple offers since 2012. Thankfully, there are rumors of an increase in inventory, and we would not be surprised if the market starts to level off by this winter. Regardless, the city of Seattle is prime for multiple offers in prime transit and “walkable” neighborhoods. Below is a […]

Getting Your Mortgage Financing in Order for a Home Purchase

If you’re like me, you don’t like to deal with money, and talking about personal finances with a total stranger is the last thing I want to do. And does it get any more personal than when you are buying a home? The good news is that getting your self prepped for getting a mortgage is not […]

Seattle Home Buying: How to Review the Seller Disclosure Statement

Buying a Home in Seattle can be incredibly rewarding when you are fully aware of your responsibilities and how to address issues as they arrive. Many Seattle home buyers assume it is the seller’s responsibility to tell the buyer everything they know about the house. Many buyers take the details in the Seller Disclosure Form […]