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Size, Condition, Location: Home Buying and Investing YOUR Way in Seattle

In real estate it is all about size, condition, or location REGARDLESS of your budget. Home buyers are often in a process of compromising what they want in order to buy a home. It is rare to find a home that fits all three perfectly. This isn’t cause for despair. Even in a slow market, […]

Moving Up: How to Buy Another House While Owning a Home in Seattle

Buying Up in Seattle

Moving up in the Seattle housing market can be tricky, and you have to be patient. Seattle does not have a lot of land or inventory and finding the right house in the right location takes some skilled moves. When it was time for Divas, Kim and Chavi, to make the move it took over […]

Making the Match: Finding An Awesome Real Estate Agent in Seattle

Finding an Awesome Real Estate Agent is possible with some savvy questions and a bit of investigation. When looking for a real estate agent (or broker as we like to call them here in Washington state), home buyers and home sellers need to think about experience, trust, and personality. It can be daunting. After all, […]