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Divas Announce | Rock Solid Home in Licton Springs

Licton Springs Living Room

1605 N. Northgate Way  $299,950 Ready for an affordable 1940’s home in Licton Springs? Well here it is — a rock solid house flooded with light from every corner. Check out these gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the house. Punxsutawney Phil said 6 more weeks of winter–never you mind! Snuggle up with the wood-burning fireplace and a […]

Diva Dweller, You Are Almost to the Finish Line of the Home Buying Process

Diva Dweller you are almost to the finish line of the Home Buying Process. It has been an adventure. I know you were as stunned as we were when we found that table leg holding up the foundation on that house in Ballard. And who knew so many other folks appreciated mid-century moderns as much […]