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April Art Walk with Roy Powell

Diva Roy Powell Artwork for Art Walk

By now you all know about our amazingly talented Rent Guru/Diva Dude/Resident Artist, Roy Powell. He recently quit his day job and joined the Diva Team full time, helping launch a rental division, Rent-Guru.com, and working it like the Diva Team does so well. But Roy is not just our rental expert — he’s also […]

Diva Dweller Spotlight | Mike Antee

Mike and the Diva Team celebrating the sale with a glass of champers

The Divas met Mike years ago through their Diva Pals and Saturgays, Tad + Glenn, and ever since then we have been fast friends. Mike has been one of the most devoted Divotees in the Diva posse since the beginning. He’s been to every single Divas Take the Hill event and was even at our […]