Whittier/Loyal Heights

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Whittier/Loyal Heights are technically two neighborhoods, whose shared main street, 15th Avenue, connects them to Ballard to the south. On the map, the two Heights form a large residential block, west to east, stretching from Sunset Hill to Greenwood and Phinney Ridge. This whole area is popular with high earning-singles investing in a cottage or condo for themselves, couples nesting in starter homes, and small families. In addition to the activity on 15th and all the bustle of Ballard, these two neighborhoods also have their own local centers of activity on 80th St and 65th St, which are their northern and southern borders respectively. Attractions include rowdy pubs and chic bars, yoga studios and playgrounds, chain restaurants and fine dining. Lying just outside the bustling shopping and nightlife of downtown Ballard, these neighborhoods have a sleepy reputation...which the residents actually like, because they know they can have the best of both worlds: a casual night at home with easy access to wining, dining and entertainment. The one thing that the two Heights seem to lack is parkland...but residents also can easily get to Greenlake, Woodland Park and the locks near Ballard.


Top Banana: Local produce, assorted groceries and artisina treats in a casual, locally run market.


Grumpy D's: More friendly than the name suggests, a kitschy, family-run cafe with good eats and community events.


Salmon Bay Park: A tree-lined, family-oriented park with picnic tables, spacious playground and sandbox.


Un Bien: A vibrant little shack serving mouthwatering Caribbean cuisine, best-known for its crispy sandwiches.


Delancey's: Sleek ambiance, some of the best pizza in Seattle, and a full bar serving wine, beer and cocktails.
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