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Wallingford combines the quiet, family-oriented vibe of neighborhoods to the north (such as Greenlake), with the youthful energy of the University District to the east, the arty flair of Fremont to the south, and the working class practicality of Ballard to the north in one, tree-lined place. The main street, 45th Avenue, offers cheap eats, coffee and tea house and fine dining. There are numerous pubs, but it's considerably less rowdy than other nightlife destinations in Seattle. The liveliest bar on the stretch, The Sea Monster, is a destination for lovers of soul and funk, bringing a friendly, intergenerational crowd who dance the night away to free live music. It's a local gem, along with the Landmark Guild 45 theatre, which shows mainstream and independent films year-round. There is plenty of retail, serving the dense mix of craftsman homes and apartment buildings throughout Wallingford, and its relative ease of access to 99 and I-5 makes it convenient for those commuting north and south. (Getting east is another matter...) The southern edge is residential until it hits the water, where it becomes a string of boatyards, marinas, restaurants and the stunning Gasworks Park, offering one of the most ideal views in the city.


Wallingford Center: A two-level, brick mini-mall featuring local and regional retailers, services and food.


Teahouse Kuan Yin: A peaceful teahouse with a wide variety of loose leaf teas from around the world.


Gasworks Park: Grass and a wooded strip surround historic Gasworks structures, facing downtown across Lake Union.


Westward & The Little Gull: Fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, bright, casual decor and a patio right on Lake Union.


Octopus Bar: An eclectic watering hole with nautical decor, patio seating and a kitchen serving snacks and fltabreads.
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$1.0 m
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2 Bedroom Rent

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