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North Beach/Blue Ridge

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North Beach/Blue Ridge

William Boeing founded the Blue Ridge community in the 1920s and ’30s after acquiring around 200 acres of land overlooking the Puget Sound. Nearly all of the 450 homes in the Blue Ridge neighborhood were built in the first two decades of its existence. These homes remain much as they were, thanks to strict covenants and architectural guidelines. It also remains entirely residential.

Blue Ridge residents will need to head into Crown Hill and other parts of Ballard to find activities and dining. Luckily, these are all just a short drive away. One of Blue Ridge’s greatest selling points, however, is its adjacency to Carkeek Park. This gorgeous 216-acre park offers stunning views and activities year round, from its beaches to its gardens.

Slightly less formal than the neighboring Blue Ridge community, North Beach is a quiet, cozy residential area. Its north end looks out over the Puget Sound. To the west are the wooded slopes of Golden Gardens Park. These slopes lead down to the marinas of Shilshole and the sandy beaches around Meadow Point. From the center of North Beach it’s just a quick drive to 15th Avenue and Crown Hill. There are plenty of dining and retail options here! This makes the neighborhood popular with those who want a yard and some privacy.








Great finds is right! A great little shop full of interesting things.
Modern Lebanese cuisine, with small plate options and an international whisky selection.
A pristine green ravine with a narrow trail perfect for strolling and jogging.
A rustic cafe located just at the top of Golden Gardens Park, specializing in organic coffees.
Excellent round pies and salads with exceptional seasonal drinks.

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