Divas and Dudes Grateful for Divaland This Thanksgiving

Divas and Dudes Grateful for Divaland This Thanksgiving First and foremost. What is Divaland? Divaland is a magical place in Seattle where a group of quirky like minded folks come together, find houses, help folks sell their houses, support local non-profits, and enjoy various arts events. There are of course the Divas and Diva Dudes.  Have […]

Diva Fall Tips: Stocking Your Holiday Bar

Whether you are hosting a bunch of holiday gatherings or you just need a proper drink when you get home after a long day of work, shopping and traveling—having a well-stocked bar is a holiday must. Here are some of our tips and favorite recipes. Gin Gin is a staple at Chez Diva, with martinis […]

Bacon Strip Christmas With the Divas

A Diva Night Out With Sylvia O’Stayformore | Bacon Strip Christmas Diva Night – Friday, December 18th The Divas are proud sponsors of Sylvia O’Stayformore’s Bacon Strip Christmas show for the month of December. Sylvia is not only a Diva Dweller but she also hosts one of the best shows in the city. Bacon Strip! Let’s just […]