Diva Hood: Greenwood its Up and Coming

Nestled in the northwest of Seattle just above Phinney Ridge is the bungalow capitol of Seattle known as Greenwood. Living here, one definitely feels part of a tight knit and slightly quirky community. Anchored by businesses like Gordito’s, Diva Espresso, Taproot Theater and Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co (the front biz for one of our […]

Emma Spotlights Team Diva Go Local

Us Divas have been singing praises of Emma email marketing for some time now.  Each month, we employ Emma’s progressive use of technology in order to send out our newsletter.  Instead of bland, Publisher-esque ploys, Emma allows us to create stylish and appealing works of art to send straight to you. Just last week, Emma […]

Green Diva: Renovating with Salvaged Finds

Renovating a space by utilizing previously salvaged goods is the more urban and creative way to approach one’s home DIY project. There is a whole shift in design that is taking note of our collective need for more stimulating and intensely long lasting goods. Gone are the days when a “flip” house was the perfect […]