Rock the Vote: DonnaTella Howe For Empress of Seattle

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It’s a year of important elections. Everyone’s talking about the candidates and we can’t resist chiming in and endorsing the one we trust to lead: DonnaTella Howe for Empress of Seattle.

This endorsement should come as no surprise for Diva Dwellers who have met DonnaTella (AKA Michael) at one of our sponsored events or out and about (or at Diva HQ). She gets around, and always for a good cause.

What may come as a surprise to newcomers is that we have an Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle, and maybe you’d like to know just what it does. Founded in 1971, the Court of Seattle is a 501(c)(3) organization comprising a crew of creative performers and do-gooders who provide funds and support for other King County nonprofits serving the LGTBQ community. Now in its fifth decade, it has been an active and positive participant in the city, and so its leadership should reflect that spirit.

DonnaTella has been active in the court for several years now, co-producing and performing at charitable events, including benefits for Quake Rugby, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Gay City, Pride Asia, Seattle PRIDE, and the HIV Vaccine Trials Unit. Last but certainly not least, she has hosted our own Divas Take the Hill party supporting PSKS for several years. In short, she works hard for the money (for diverse and important causes).

DonnaTella is an alum of the University of Washington and also continues to take part in campus LGBT events, not to mention all her other fabulously entertaining gigs around town. She’s a dynamo with a quick wit and a heart of gold.

And what will she do as Empress? In her own words, as she announced her official candidacy:

Having worked closely with Team Diva Real Estate and Retail Therapy, I’ve come to learn more about the homeless youth population that Capitol Hill has, specifically Lowell Elementary. I believe that these formative years are a time for our youth to have fun, imagine and learn—not to worry about a lack necessities that should so easily be attained. I would like to work with the people/businesses that are helping do their part and add to it as we can during the school year.

The Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle is already a supporter of Youth Care’s ORION Center in its provision of hygiene supplies to homeless and at-risk youth, and DonnaTella wants to continue that work and expand it to PSKS youth services as well. The court has enjoyed more visibility in recent years, and DonnaTella wants to use that momentum to diversify events and thus increase opportunities to support causes and engage with the community, even if it means stepping out of comfort zones. She believes that fundraising is important, but unifying different communities should also be a priority, and she hopes to involve more past court members as they connect with others, thus helping to ensure that the openness, compassion, and creativity at the heart of the Court’s advocacy inspires others for years to come.

So please come to the In-Town Show and Awards at Unicorn in Capitol Hill on Sunday, February 7th…and vote DonnaTella Howe for Empress of Seattle! Doors are at 6 PM and the show starts at 7 PM.

Starting on Thursday, February 11th Coronation 2016 kicks off with the Denver & Salt Lake City Show and continues thru the weekend with the main event,  A President’s Ball in Black and White Deco at the Seattle Renaissance Hotel on Saturday, February 13th. Door is 5 PM and coronation is 6 PM. See the full schedule of events and learn more about the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle on its Facebook page.