Divaland Gives Back: Unite to Support Houston for Hurricane Harvey

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People are calling Hurricane Harvey a 500-year storm. Katrina and Sandy were called 100-year storms. Because of climate change, we may need to re-evaluate the frequency we can expect disasters like this, and how we respond. And Houston needs a compassionate and generous response NOW.

Already, we have been hearing stories of goodness and stories of greed in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. While infamous evangelist Joel Osteen lied about flooding at his church and kept the doors closed to refugees, mosques and furniture store owners brought people in. When ICE abandoned 50 women and children asylum seekers at a bus depot, a church brought them in. Meanwhile, Ann Coulter tries to maintain relevance by insinuating that Harvey was punishment for Houston after it elected a lesbian mayor, not climate change.

Now is the time to show kindness, not throw blame.

Trolls and misers like Coulter and Osteen are legion, but while they are busy revealing their ugliness, we need to put our energy toward helping the people of Houston. The GSBA here in Seattle has made it easy to find charitable causes collecting funds. President and CEO Louise Chernin sent out this handy list this morning:

HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF FUND. Officially established by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and the Greater Houston Community Foundation, this fund is committed to delivering flood relief to victims both immediately and in the long term. Donate Now

MONTROSE LGBTQ CENTER. Help LGBTQ individuals and families in Houston. The Center is dedicated to increasing their resources and outreach after this disaster. Donate Now

THE TRANSADVOCATE. The Transgender Foundation of America created this disaster relief fund because trans, intersex, and genderqueer individuals have historically experienced significant difficulties in natural disaster situations. The fund will be used to help our underserved community recover from this catastrophic event. Donate Now

HOUSTON FOOD BANK. Help get meals to those in need across the Houston area. They are working tirelessly to serve displaced families but demand continues to surpass supply during this urgent time. Donate Now

Realogy (Coldwell Banker’s Parent Company) Gives Back

Our own parent company, Realogy, is matching up to the $75k in donations to the Realogy Charitable Foundation for The Red Cross’s Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Join us in giving back through Realogy Charitable Foundation

Divaland Gives Back

To everyone in Divaland, we thank you for being the open-hearted, generous people you are year-round. Please consider donating to one of these charities today.

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