Team Diva Challenges REALTORS Stance on Education Funding

Kim Colaprete took a few minutes to sit down with her old friend Arik Korman to chat about why education funding is so important in our state. Arik is currently the Director of Communications at the League of Education Voters. He has incredible knowledge about the current condition of our state education system. The League of Education Votes is a bipartisan organization and has not yet taken a position on Governor Inslee’s budget proposal. Team Diva Wants a Fair Way to Fund Education In December, we broke ranks from our business association once we found out that they were taking a hardline stance regarding education funding. As we chatted with our fellow cohorts about the issue we realized that many of our Realtors friends are unaware of their association’s position on education. We also discovered that the local and state REALTORS associations not only disagree with us, but they have … Continue reading Team Diva Challenges REALTORS Stance on Education Funding