Seattle Condo Market – Divas Break it Down For You

Seattle Condos have never been in better financial and physical shape. Especially older buildings. In this blog and video we are going to go into detail about the Seattle Condo market, some amazing homes we have listed, recently sold condos located on Capitol Hill, Seattle and why now is a good time to buy a condo in Seattle. Now is the time to get over those Seattle Condo home buying jitters and find the perfect home in an amazing location at a price that makes your piggy bank feel thick. Seattle Condo Inventory Is Still Historically Really Low Seattle Condo inventory is still really low right now. Seattle has grown so accustomed to negative or no Seattle Condo inventory that suddenly having six weeks of homes on the market gets people skittish. People are also spooked by the economy rumors. They see a lot of inventory for condos, and suddenly … Continue reading Seattle Condo Market – Divas Break it Down For You