Five Reasons We Love This Condo at The Granada

Let’s be honest. The market is in flux and it is taking a while for buyers to realize there are gems on the market to be plucked before other buyers wake up and the fighting starts all over again. This fab two bedroom Diva Dwelling condo at the Granada is perfect. Specifically, it is perfect for those who understand having space near Alaska Junction is a stable and good investment. Transit and walkability are key indicators of the long-term financial health of a neighborhood’s housing values. And the Alaska Junction has both of these key items.  So while every other buyer is taking their sweet time re-evaluating their values in this market be the buyer that is swooping up the gems!  Let’s Go Over Why the Granada West Seattle Condo is a Gem Location, Location, Location….. and Size The Granada is perfectly situated in the heart of the Alaska Junction. You can … Continue reading Five Reasons We Love This Condo at The Granada